The development of laser cutting machine depends on the promotion of science and technology

by:Caodahai     2021-08-26
In recent years, with the slow introduction of foreign advanced technology, my country’s laser cutting machine industry has continued to develop, and the country has also strongly supported it. my country’s laser cutting machine industry is transforming from a large country to a powerful country. The laser cutting machine will become my country’s future Development focus, what are the reasons for this? Please listen to Wuhan High Energy Laser to tell everyone slowly.   The development situation of my country's laser cutting machine industry is optimistic along the way, but due to various reasons, the development of laser cutting machine has been inhibited, leading to the bottleneck period of the development of my country's laser cutting machine industry. Affected by the global financial crisis, German and other machine tool companies, led by Japan, have sold their products to my country in recent years. Due to the low price of laser cutting machines, they have responded well in the market, but doing so will give China’s mid- to high-end connections. The development of the appliance market has brought competitiveness and pressure.   At the same time, the middle and low-end equipment from Taiwan, South Korea and other regions are also being shipped to our country. This makes my country's domestic laser cutting machine industry complain. Although companies want to increase the technical content of the equipment, the difficulties they face should not be underestimated. Professionals of laser cutting machines in my country also pointed out that the mid-to-high-end brand laser cutting machines produced in China are still equipped with foreign-imported parts. This also indicates that China’s innovation capabilities and technical capabilities still have a long way to go. . However, the new policies on the laser cutting machine industry introduced by the country still bring us some hope. Only Chinese laser cutting machine companies continue to develop their own science and technology with the help of the government, so the future of my country’s laser cutting machine industry It will definitely open a new chapter.   my country's laser cutting machine industry will be the focus of future development. It is hoped that companies can continue to learn foreign science and technology, and then create new technologies by themselves, so that my country's laser cutting machine will have a certain competitiveness in the Chinese market and go international. For more information about laser cutting machines, please pay attention to http://www.gnlaser.com/
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