The development history of laser technology and its application fields

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Laser processing technology plays a very important role in today's production work, so do you know about the development process of laser technology and its application fields? I believe that there are not many friends who know it. Let's give you a brief introduction. From the appearance of the first CO2 laser in 1964 to the present, after nearly forty years of development, from sealed-off CO2 lasers, slow axial flow CO2 lasers, cross flow CO2 lasers, to high-frequency Rhodes pumped fast axial flow, radio frequency It can be seen from the development of turbo type fast axial flow and even the diffusion type Slab CO2 laser that has appeared at present. On the one hand, the laser output power continues to increase and the volume continues to shrink. On the other hand, the efficiency of the laser continues to increase, and the beam quality is getting better and better. The light intensity distribution on the cross section of the diffused Slab CO2 laser beam is close to the Gaussian distribution, and it has excellent beam quality. The focus drift in the enlarged laser processing area is very small, which is very conducive to large-scale laser transmission and concentration. The cutting application of size workpieces is very important.  The laser system used in the manufacturing industry is the laser manufacturing system, which generally consists of a laser, a laser transmission system, a laser focusing system, a control system, a motion system, a sensing and detection system, and its core is a laser.  Laser as a heat source or light source (energy) is a toolu0026rdquo;or toolu0026rdquo; in laser manufacturing. The quality of the toolu0026rdquo;or toolu0026rdquo; directly affects the result of processing and manufacturing. The quality of the laser beam can be represented by the beam far-field divergence angle, the beam focusing characteristic parameter value Kf and the diffraction limit multiplier M2 (M) or the beam transmission factor K value. For low-power lasers, the working material is uniform and stable, and the fundamental mode output can generally be achieved. The energy distribution of the beam cross-section is Gaussian distribution and remains unchanged during the transmission process. The beam quality is good; for high-power lasers, it is generally not easy to obtain the fundamental mode. Mode output, the output is often a multi-mode laser beam, the quality of the laser beam deteriorates (Figure 1). At present, there are two types of high-power lasers commonly used in the industry: CO2 lasers and YAG lasers. High-power lasers have a wide range of industrial applications. Laser cutting and laser welding require excellent beam quality. The pursuit of high-power lasers with high beam quality is the goal of the continuous development of industrial lasers.   Wuhan Gaoneng Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating Ru0026D, production and sales of professional laser complete sets of equipment. Not only successfully developed laser equipment with advanced technology, but also used self-support import and export rights to promote products to more than 40 global markets including Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Jordan, etc. nation.
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