The development characteristics of foreign industrial lasers

by:Caodahai     2021-09-10
Laser industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises have developed from research-oriented single special equipment manufacturing enterprises to standardized and large-scale multinational companies. Many well-known foreign laser companies have grown rapidly through mergers and acquisitions. Through mergers and reorganizations, Trumpf, Germany, has become a company with 7 companies engaged in the production of laser products, and has become the hegemon of the laser equipment manufacturing industry in the world today. After Coherent sold the Medical Laser Group to Israel ESC/Sharplan in early 2001, it purchased several companies engaged in industrial laser product manufacturing, focusing on technical research and product development in the field of industrial lasers. The formation of these large-scale enterprises, on the one hand, has promoted the laser application technology and industry to a new stage of development, on the other hand, it also shows that these manufacturers are seeking large-scale development to improve the performance-price ratio of laser equipment in order to monopolize the market.   The development trend of foreign industrial lasers is reflected in the following aspects:    (1) Distinctive product differentiation features, distinct core competitiveness The differentiated product features have also become the core competitiveness of foreign famous laser companies. Typical representatives are: high-power axial fast flow CO2 lasers and disc lasers and their processing systems produced by Trumpf, Germany, slab lasers produced by Rofin, Synrad, RF excitation continuous medium and small power lasers, and RF excitation pulses from Coherent Medium and small power lasers, axial flow CO2 lasers from PRC, and fiber lasers from IPG. (2) New application fields continue to expand and extend. The development speed of new applications of laser technology in developed countries is amazing. They have basically completed the use of laser processing technology in major large-scale manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, electronics, machinery, aviation, and steel. The upgrading of craftsmanship has entered the era of optical manufacturing. Due to the high time and space resolution of laser, it has been further promoted and applied in the occasions that require high precision processing, such as electronics, semiconductor, micro-nano machinery manufacturing, biology, environmental protection and other industries.   (3) The division of labor in the industry chain is becoming more and more detailed. A notable feature of the development of the foreign laser industry is that the division of labor in the industry chain is becoming more and more detailed. The related devices have reached the high level of the industry, and a complete laser industry chain has been created.   II-VI company in the United States and Kugler company in Germany have become well-known professional suppliers of laser optical lenses, with products covering the world. The German Fraunhofer, Nutech Research Institute, Hannover Laser Research Institute, and the IWB Research Institute of the Technical University of Munich are international professional institutions that carry out research and development of laser technology applications. The research and development of laser cutting, welding, cladding, laser remanufacturing, etc. The technological achievements have been widely used in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and other automobile companies and Airbus Aircraft Corporation.   The RF power supply in the series of axial fast-flow CO2 laser products of Trumpf Company in Germany, the RF power supply in the series of slab CO2 lasers from Rofin Company, and the high-voltage switching power supply in the CP series lasers of PNA Company in the United States are all provided by specialized power supply companies. With the popularization of semiconductor lasers, several well-known professional power supply companies such as Lumonics have also been born.
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