The dangers of eyebrow tattoo and dodgy laser removal: ‘I literally have no eyebrows now’

by:Caodahai     2020-03-11
The laser removed the eyebrows of Kym after the tattoo was successful.
Source: The suplieda Sydney woman issued a warning at an unreliable tattoo job, warning of the dangers of an unqualified beauty doctor without eyebrows.
Kym Lee, 42, joined the popular tattoo trend two years ago.
She was not satisfied with the result and went to remove the laser.
\"I just don\'t like the shape of my eyebrows because she\'s a little free to tattoo me,\" MS Li told the news . \". com. au.
\"I went back and touched it --
But this is a tattoo. . .
\"You can\'t wipe it out and fix it,\" MS Li said . \".
\"The more you fix it, the more it becomes a big spot.
So I think I need to erase it all and start over. ”.
Source: the eyebrows of supliedkym start to bubble.
Source: the laser used to remove eyebrows is too hot to burn her skin and cause blisters.
\"It feels like my skin is fried,\" she said . \".
MS Lee went elsewhere to seek a second opinion, and after spending her eight treatments for $1200, all the tattoos were removed correctly.
\"I didn\'t have many eyebrows at first, but now I really don\'t have them,\" MS Li said . \".
\"It took me 10 minutes to draw them in the morning.
I have a pen and I draw my own eyebrows with it every day.
\"After the laser tattoo was successfully removed, Kym\'s eyebrows.
Source: The laser tattoo industry is booming in Australia, but it is unregulated and the price is risingto-
Technology costs hundreds of billions of dollars.
Many unqualified beauty therapists buy cheap laser removal machines online to serve their customers without proper training.
There are two ways to remove tattoo ink-Q-
Switch and Picoway machine using different types of laser technology to disperse ink particles. News. com.
Au has heard many cases of customers being Q-burned
Change the machine, the skin is irreversible damage.
Andrew Heem of Sydney details tattoo removal said: \"There is a huge cosmetic tattoo industry in the backyard because any therapist can color the tattoo gun, and do eyebrow tattoo for new income it uses Picoway laser machine to remove tattoo.
\"Over the past few years, we have seen a large number of people coming in with bad eyebrows tattoos and hoping to get them out,\" he said . \".
\"Q is still being used in many places-
They changed the machine because they couldn\'t afford the new Picoway machine.
We bought Picoway about two years ago and it cost $300,000, which is the only technology to get tattoo ink removed properly.
\"The laser does crush the ink into small pieces so your immune system can remove the ink faster.
The heat involved is small and the ink can disappear after three to six treatments.
\"The supervision of laser treatment industries varies across the country --
Only Queensland, tazhou and Western Australia have some rules.
In new state and Victoria, anyone can buy cheap laser machines online, take a weekend crash course and claim to be a \"qualified\" laser technician.
MS Li said she is cautious about getting a tattoo again and that she will do research before committing to more treatment.
\"I think I need to give myself some time until I\'m tired of drawing my eyebrows,\" she said . \".
\"To be honest, I prefer those with no eyebrows, because now I draw whatever I want.
\"I\'m happy even without my eyebrows.
Look at the \"destruction 8\" tattoo of New Zealand job seeker Mark Cropp.
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