The correct operation of the chiller of the CNC laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-04
As an important auxiliary equipment in the CNC laser cutting machine, the chiller should pay special attention to some matters when operating it to ensure its normal use. What are the specific aspects, Wuhan High Energy Laser will share with you below. When the laser cutting machine is in normal use, do not place heavy objects or other equipment on the top of the water chiller, and do not arbitrarily collide with the pipe fittings of the water tank bracelet, because the inlet and outlet of the water tank have the function of air inlet and outlet, so you should always check whether it is blocked. . During the operation of the CNC laser cutting machine, it is necessary to confirm that the chiller has no abnormal vibration or noise. If there is any abnormality, it should be shut down and checked immediately, and the system configuration or action should be rechecked, and the machine should be turned on after troubleshooting. Always check whether the running water level in the water tank of the external machine is sufficient, otherwise adjust the float valve stem to increase the water level. When the laser cutting machine is often not used, the application power supply of the chiller should be cut off to prevent accidents. In addition, close the shut-off valve of the water supply pipeline of the external machine to drain the water in the water supply pipeline. Especially in winter, we must do a good job of antifreeze work. For more information about the use of auxiliary equipment of the laser cutting machine, please pay attention to http://www.gnlaser.com
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