The characteristics and requirements of laser technology for sheet metal processing and shaping

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Sheet metal laser forming is a new moldless forming technology developed in recent years, such as laser shock forming, laser bending forming, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, etc., which can be used to bend sheets, form hemispheres, spheres, S shapes, etc. Special-shaped cross-section parts, or flanged, contracted, or bulged in a specific area of u200bu200bthe tube, such as connecting corners, partitions, profiles, brackets, skins, and lampshades on automobiles. Before laser shock forming, the sheet metal plate is coated on the surface of the part-'the surface is blackened, and then a layer of transparent material is covered on the coating layer, which is called a transparent layer, such as flowing water. Laser irradiation When passing through the transparent layer, the energy of the beam is initially absorbed by the opaque coating layer, evaporating a thin layer of coating material. The evaporated coating material continues to absorb the remaining energy of the beam, thus quickly becoming a high-pressure gas. High-pressure gas Under the restriction of the transparent layer, an impact stress wave is generated and acts on the workpiece to deform the workpiece. At the same time, part of the stress wave from the high-pressure gas penetrates the surface of the workpiece, causing a certain depth of surface layer to generate residual compressive stress, which is helpful Strengthen the surface layer of the workpiece and increase the fatigue life. In addition, a part of the stress wave passes through the transparent material, which is called the stress wave loss.    The development of laser material processing technology in the future will still be restricted by three aspects, namely, laser processing equipment and technology Technical theory and industrial application. When the laser processing equipment is stable, reliable, supporting and automatic, the data of the process technology theory research will be more reliable, the work area will be widely developed, and the scope of industrial application will be expanded accordingly. Especially in China and other developments In China, most of the laser material processing technology is currently in basic research and has not yet entered the stage of large-scale industrial application. It should attract enough attention to further promote the laser material processing technology towards high quality, high reliability, intelligence, multi-function, The development of high-power and flexible automation. If you want to know more about laser cutting equipment, please check http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts
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