The application of laser in chemistry

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
At present, the application of laser in chemistry is still under continuous exploration, and there are still many theoretical and technical problems to be solved. In order to enable the laser to effectively control and strengthen the chemical reaction process, a lot of research work on the chemical reaction mechanism is needed, and further research and development of various high-frequency tunable lasers with working wavelengths from infrared to ultraviolet are needed. It is foreseeable that due to the introduction of laser technology, it will cause an extraordinary revolution in the field of chemistry. The invention and application of computers have gone through four development courses, and now they have entered the fifth generation. The computing speed of ultra-high-speed computers can reach hundreds of millions of times per second. From the perspective of volume, the small and exquisite large-scale integrated circuit microcomputer will be small enough to be held in the hand; from the perspective of specific application objects, computers will further spread throughout scientific research. , Teaching, military, industrial and agricultural production and commerce, and various fields of daily life. After the emergence of laser technology, electronic computers are expected to go beyond the original scope of pure electronics and open up the design and application of optical computers. It can be predicted that the calculation speed of optical computers can reach tens of billions or even hundreds of millions of times per second, which is a hundred times higher than the fastest existing electronic computers.
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