the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting

by:Caodahai     2020-05-02
Laser cutting is a technical form of cutting materials using optical equipment, which is usually used in industrial production applications, but colleges, small businesses and amateurs are also starting to use laser cutting.
The cutting process of optical devices is guided by high-
An optical device powered by a computer on the fabric to be cut.
The material is then either melted, burned, evaporated, or blown away by a gas jet in some cases, leaving a high edge
Surface quality.
Industrial optical equipment or laser cutting machines are used to cut flat panel materials as well as structural and pipe materials.
Cutting using optical equipment may be a manufacturing method that can continue to eliminate the need for processing on several engineering operations, enabling manufacturers to reduce production costs.
Optical device cutting brings some benefits in plasma cutting, because this method is more accurate when cutting steel and metal plates, and uses less energy.
In addition, recent laser machines, such as the brand new 7Kw machines, are currently approaching plasma machines as they are capable of cutting thick materials.
The precise level and edge quality obtained by the laser cutting machine is higher than the more traditional slice strategy, because the laser beam does not wear during the laser cutting method.
The optical device cutting technology also allows manufacturers to cut and design advanced shapes without the need for tools and at the same or faster speeds as other cutting strategies.
In fact, laser cutting technology can provide manufacturers with technology to greatly reduce the pollution of the workpiece, which brings great benefits than traditional mechanical cutting technology.
Laser cutting also allows manufacturers to cut Trail holes with advanced details and excellent edge quality in plates, tubes or box sections.
However, we will now explore some of the shortcomings of laser cutting.
When laser is used
The cutting method of plastic, the smoke generated by plastic when melting is usually toxic.
This basically means that the machine needs to be placed in the well.
Ventilation around, which can take up a lot of your time and money to create and place. The laser-
The cutting method cannot be used for all types of metal.
Because the copper and metal are too thick to be cut with an optical device and can reflect too much light.
In addition, fragile, transparent materials such as glass and crystal cannot be cut.
In order to keep the laser optics cutting machine running, a lot of energy is needed.
The exact amount of energy used depends on the type of laser, the number of cuts, the thickness of the material, and the speed of cutting.
However, a large amount of electricity is used, especially in industrial applications.
While laser cutting may be a quick method, the production speed will not be so consistent in a row.
This may depend on the type of optical device, the thickness of the material and the kind of material you are trying to cut.
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