the 20 jobs that robots are most likely to take over

by:Caodahai     2020-03-20
Hamish Blair and the referee scored 98 points.
The chance of automation is 3%.
Machines will only become smarter and more efficient.
So much so that they began to take over the two blue-collarwhite-collar jobs.
NPR recently released a guide created by researchers to predict the likelihood that our work will be automated in the next 20 years.
In order to make their predictions, experts have scored 9 possible features in 21 areas, of which the most important four are: smart, negotiate, help others and squeeze in
Mental health and substance abuse of social workers seem to be clear, a0.
The chance of automation is 3%.
However, there is reason to worry about telemarketers, referees, cashiers and several other jobs that have been replaced by robots.
You can interact with the full guide here.
While the researchers acknowledge that these percentages are sketchy, the data provide insights into the future.
There are 5. 5 electrical and electronic equipment fitters.
The chance of automation is 1%.
Due to the accuracy and accuracy of the robot, it becomes crucial to the production process of electronic products.
As reported by the robotics industry association, they are used to do things such as: loading solar wafers into solar cells, placing LED bulbs, and checking circuit boards.
There are 5. 5 postal staff.
The chance of automation is 4%.
Automation has hit postal pickers, staff and mail carriers hard.
Robots can not only complete tasks such as sorting mail, but also snail mail is becoming more and more outdated as the digitization of mail is getting higher and higher.
Jewelers, gems and metal workers own 5. 5.
The chance of automation is 5%.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that as robots begin to help make and repair jewelry, their employment has fallen by 10% from now until 2022.
There are 6. 6 chefs in the restaurant.
The chance of automation is 3%. A noodle-
The slicing robot named Foxbotcan can be found on dazzling noodles
Kitchen chain restaurant in North China\'s Shanxi province.
Thanks to 20 motors, 24 joints and 129 sensors, there is another robot that makes crab soup from scratch.
ByMoley robot-designed robots can complete complex dishes in 30 minutes or even on dishes.
The possibility of automation for grinding and polishing workers is 97%.
Robots are increasingly able to grind or Polish various metal, wood, stone, clay, plastic, and glass objects.
The cashier has a97.
The chance of automation is 1%.
According to an article in USA Today, Panera Bread announced that it will replace all cashiers with the kiosks kiosk by 2016.
In addition, since
At grocery stores around the world, cash registers are still popping up.
The bookkeeper has a97.
The chance of automation is 6%.
According to The Wall Street Journal, big companies such as Pilot Travel, Verizon Communications Inc.
And GameStopCorp.
Among other things, the company bookkeeping task is being automated using software.
These companies now need only about 10 employees to pay for the supplier, and there is no robot bookkeeper, they only need about 80 employees.
There are 97 legal secretaries.
The chance of automation is 6%.
With technology allowing bosses to call and arrange meetings in person, the secretaries are disappearing from the job market.
There are a97 fashion models.
The chance of automation is 6%.
In addition to taking over the work of fashion models, robots perform in other surprising ways, such as acting.
A British company called \"engineering art\" has created an interactive, multilingual robot that can make eye contact, guess a person\'s mood and age, and sing songs.
Driver a97
The chance of automation is 8%.
Drivers and drivers are no longer needed. Google’s self-
In the absence of manual intervention, the test car has been driving thousands of miles.
In addition, Uber ceo Travis Kalanick likes the idea of self-driving cars and announced that Uber will eventually replace all drivers with its own cars.
There are a97 credit analysts.
The chance of automation is 9%.
The process of automating the analysis of credit data and financial statements and the preparation of reports using credit information may reduce risk.
There are a97 for milling and planing sets, operators and tenders.
The chance of automation is 9%.
More and more, the setting, operation or tilting milling machine or planing machine is entrusted to the machine.
The possibility of automation of packaging and filling machine operators and bid sections is 98%.
It is becoming more and more common to use robots to prepare industrial or consumer goods for storage or shipment.
Amazon now uses a lot of robots.
320 pounds and 16 inch high
To ship, take the shelves out of the warehouse and report the time.
The probability of automation of purchasing clerks is 98%.
Now it is very simple for the machine to order materials and services from suppliers.
Also, order via Internetor “e-procurement” —
These jobs will be reduced.
There are 98 points for referees and referees.
The chance of automation is 3%.
In professional tennis, a computer referee named Eagle Eye has been used to help the chief referee make a close call.
Players have the option to \"challenge\" a call in which the eagle eye system will show where the ball falls and whether or not the ball sticks out.
Its decision is final.
Hawkeye is just a system for solving sports disputes.
There are 98 tellers.
The chance of automation is 3%.
Chances are you haven\'t used a human banking teller for a while.
The ATM can provide most of the services provided by the teller.
There are 98 loan officers.
The chance of automation is 4%.
A Bloomberg article reports that atDaric Inc. has made progress
An online peerto-peer lender.
The company has replaced all loan officers with algorithms that identify safe borrowers.
There are 98 assemblers and regulators for timing devices.
The chance of automation is 5%.
The machine is now capable of performing precise assembly, adjustment or calibration that timing equipment fitters specialize in.
There are 98 tax collectors.
The chance of automation is 7%.
The process of automating the preparation of tax returns can lead to fewer errors, while optical character recognition technology (OCR), Already exists.
The possibility of automation for telemarketers is 99%.
Many cold today
The person who calls is not a person.
Robots can not only do 24/7 of the work, but they can maintain energy and confidence no matter how many rude consumers they interact.
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