Technical Analysis of Wuhan High Energy Laser's Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-01
Laser cutting machines are divided into common YAG laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. In the process of using laser cutting machines, how to better ensure the cutting quality, cutting speed, and quality is a problem with professional technology, as a light source Cutting is closely related to auxiliary gas and energy output. In particular, the correction of the focus position of the light source and the difference in product characteristics have major factors. In the process of cutting metal sheets, the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is inversely proportional to the density and thickness of the material itself, and it also has a great relationship with the density of the laser power. In the cutting device, the thickness of the product material and the output power and the beam Modes, etc. are all related, especially the size of the focused spot, which is usually adjusted by the control system. In order to better improve the cutting effect and output power to cut products with fine seams, it is usually necessary to improve the beam mode and reduce the spot. Make adjustments. When adjusting the power, keep in mind: the general cutting speed is inversely proportional to the density and thickness of the material being cut; and for a given laser power density and material, the cutting speed of the material is proportional to the laser power density, that is, increasing the power density can increase Cutting speed. Due to the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, the size of the focused spot also has a great influence on laser cutting, so the power density is not only related to the laser output power, but also to the beam quality mode. Therefore, when cutting metal materials, as long as the stable performance of the machine is ensured, the main parameter is the setting of its parameters. The range of this parameter is relative. As long as the parameters are adjusted accurately, the cutting quality can be guaranteed and the production efficiency can be improved. At the same time, although the laser cutting machine has a great advantage in cutting metal, in actual applications, there will be some radiation damage to the operator. These damages are mainly eyes, so it is best to wear protective eyes when cutting (Generally, sunglasses are sufficient). Selecting a dark environment as the production site can also avoid radiation. In terms of diet, you should also use high-protein foods of UFIDA Vitamin AC to adjust, and ultimately ensure that the fiber cutting machine can not be interfered by external factors. Carry out cutting production. Wuhan High Energy Laser has been committed to the research and development of fiber laser cutting machines for a long time. After more than ten years, it has achieved fruitful results. A series of laser cutting machine products have reached the domestic advanced ranks. In this increasingly expanding market, it will inevitably drive domestic laser cutting machines. Manufacturers make better products to serve our customers. http://www.gnlaser.com/
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