tattoo removal may be more dangerous than tanning bed: australian surgeon

by:Caodahai     2020-02-13
Expensive and cancer?
Kieran Warwick, 25, is paying thousands to remove the sleeve.
Source: a well-known surgeon in Australia said that the removal of the Australian News Group had a risk of skin cancer.
Dr Ian McDougall, Gold Coast surgeon, compared the laser for tattoo removal with the UV tanning bed, believing that more regulation is needed in the industry.
\"It\'s an invasive procedure that causes problems and I\'m not sure if the patient is aware of the issues associated with it,\" he told AAP . \".
Removing tattoos uses a laser to break down the ink pigment embedded in the skin, which poses a considerable risk of cancer.
\"I think it will be higher,\" he said . \".
Queensland will ban UV tanning beds from the end of 2014. Previous studies have shown that UV tanning beds will put consumers at greater risk of melanoma --
The most deadly skin cancer
However, there is less regulation on tattoo laser operators. ‘Cancer risk’ . . .
A leading surgeon says more regulation is needed in the industry.
Source: News Limited according to the Radiation Safety Act in Queensland, the owner must have a safety certificate to own and operate the machine.
But the training does not include tattoo removal.
Many operators use strong pulse lighting (IPL)
Laser tattoo removal, bit fixed tattoo removal laser is much cheaper.
These IPL machines are also unregulated. Erasing an ex . . .
Angelina Jolie removed Billy Bob\'s name from her left shoulder.
Source: Hillary Quinn, owner of tattoo removal at AFPMelbourne, told consumer groups to choose which machines increase the risk of burning or scar.
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