taking the load off hamalis with an award-winning innovation

by:Caodahai     2020-03-23
A class 8 student at Zilla Parishad high school, village of Rajanna Hanmajipet --
Sircilla won the honor of its innovative scientific model-a paddy-Filling machine.
The project won him everything.
The third prize of India\'s INSPIRE Award-Manak (
Millions of minds to enhance national aspirations and knowledge)
Recently at an event in New Delhi
Ended his father\'s plightAfter and saw the plight of his father Laxmirajam, a hamali (porter)
At the IKP procurement center, he worked hard to fill the rice with sacks and to carry the huge cargo on his tender shoulder, Abhishek, approaching his instructor Venkatesham, he shared his idea of designing a model to reduce the labor of filling and transferring rice on the market.
Abischak put a rice field
With the support of his teacher, fill the machine for £ 7 k and show it in the area
Stimulate scientific fairness at the National and national levels. ZPHS-
Uma Rani, president of Hanmajipet, said that the machine automatically fills about 40 kg pieces of rice with each bag and can be dragged to the place where it is stored without manual labor.
\"A rice filling machine can complete the work of four workers, reducing the role of manpower and money,\" she said . \".
The principal also said that due to the shortage of labor in the agricultural sector, plans to obtain patent rights for this innovative model are in progress, which will make good use of farmers.
Cash rewards from KTRTRS working chairman and Sircilla legislator K.
Taraka Rama Rao handed over a cash reward of £ 1.
On Monday, in prajiasi Bhavan, Hyderabad, to the young innovator Abhishek to lakh.
Class 8 students won the third prize of his rice filling machine in the national incentive award --Manak.
Rama Rao also directed Telangana national innovation team officials to guide abhish to help patent and develop his innovations.
Asked about his career ambitions, the teenager said he wanted to be an international accounting standards official. Mr.
Rama Rao pledged to provide all the help for his further research.
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