Steady-state and transient thermal behavior of high-power semiconductor laser arrays

by:Caodahai     2021-09-09
The application of high-power semiconductor lasers is becoming more and more extensive. As the optical power of lasers continues to increase, the junction temperature is also rising rapidly. Therefore, research on its thermal behavior is of great significance for optimizing the package structure of the chip and improving the performance and stability of the semiconductor laser. The steady-state and transient thermal behavior of a single-bar CS packaged 60W, 808nm semiconductor laser was analyzed and studied by a combination of tree simulation and experiment, and the temperature rise and composition of the semiconductor laser were quantitatively determined, as well as the device's thermal behavior. Time constant.   High-power semiconductor lasers can be widely used in solid-state laser pumping, material processing, medical treatment and optical information processing fields. For 808nm semiconductor lasers, for every 1oC increase in junction temperature, the wavelength increases by 0.28nm. In addition, the semiconductor laser has been thermally optimized, and under the guidance of the analysis results, a semiconductor laser optical device array device with excellent performance indicators has been made. The increase of laser junction temperature will not only lead to life, slope efficiency and power drop, threshold current increase, but also cause wavelength shift, spectral broadening, etc. Therefore, research on thermal design and thermal optimization of semiconductor lasers becomes more and more important. In addition, as the junction temperature increases, the threshold current increases exponentially, while the slope efficiency and power decrease exponentially. With the continuous increase of laser optical power, the heat generated is also increasing rapidly, which causes a serious increase in the operating junction temperature of the laser. The increase in junction temperature can also induce thermal stress in the active region structure. Thermal stress not only severely affects the reliability of the semiconductor laser structure, leading to an exponential decrease in device life, but also easily causes wavelength shift and spectral broadening. (The above is edited and reproduced by the laser cutting machine manufacturer High Energy Laser, please indicate the source!)
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