Standardizing laser equipment industry standards will help the healthy development of the market

by:Caodahai     2021-09-23
The laser equipment manufacturing industry is now a new type of high-tech industry. Nowadays, the market demand is relatively large and complex. Take the laser cutting machine for cutting sheet metal, sometimes the cutting requirements are changeable and uncertain. The non-standard laser cutting machine does not reflect the user's purpose well in function, but it is used to process other process requirements. At that time, the laser cutting machine could not meet the requirements very well, and was even abandoned.   The above behaviors promote the development of society to a certain extent, but the other side of the matter is like excessive cutting. Now quantitatively cut products such as powders, granules, liquids, pastes, tablets, etc., appear in various cutting forms, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and plastic bags.  It can be seen that the establishment of industry standards is particularly important at present, and the current standards and guiding specifications of laser cutting machines in my country are no longer suitable for the development requirements of globalization. At present, my country's low-grade laser cutting machine technology, difficulties in exporting, and food safety problems are largely due to my country's lack of advanced and applicable technical standards and specifications that meet internationally accepted requirements. Therefore, the formulation and revision of the technical standards of laser cutting machines, and the improvement of the requirements or content in line with international standards has become an urgent matter. Realizing the internationalization of technical standards is the key to improving the technical level of my country's laser cutting machines. If there is a standard in the cutting industry in the future, the most suitable filling equipment is recommended for a commodity that specifies effective cutting forms and effective cutting specifications. This will undoubtedly make a qualitative change in resources and efficiency. Therefore, the development of laser cutting machines in the future Orientation is determined by the standardization of the cutting industry.   Therefore, the laser cutting machine industry should adhere to a high starting point and high standard positioning method, actively refer to EU standards and international standards, formulate or revise domestic technical standards, and change the backwardness of my country's technical standards as soon as possible.
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