Stainless steel laser cutting machine and welding: two tools in one

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
In modern sheet metal manufacturing, different products have different requirements for welding strength and appearance effects. For example, the appearance parts of elevators, kitchen utensils, and food equipment require very beautiful, smooth, and non-deformed welding effects. However, some internal structural parts or parts that need to be sprayed subsequently have higher requirements for welding strength and welding speed. This can precisely reflect the advantages of laser welding, because laser welding can not only achieve beautiful heat conduction welding of the weld seam, but also achieve high welding strength and high welding speed deep penetration welding. Heat conduction welding requires lower laser energy density and lower welding speed, but it can get a very beautiful welding surface effect. On the contrary, deep penetration welding requires a higher laser energy density, but can obtain a high welding strength and a higher welding speed.  As the largest laser manufacturer in the world, TRUMPF also provides laser welding heads that can realize deep penetration welding and thermal conduction welding. The welding head can automatically switch between thermal conduction welding and deep penetration welding by adjusting the laser power density, so as to achieve the ideal appearance effect and welding strength. It can not only realize laser welding without welding wire, so as to give play to the advantages of laser high-speed welding. Of course, the cold wire welding function can also be used well, which is suitable for situations where the joint gap is too large or the metallographic structure of the welding area has special requirements. TRUMPF welding heads and disc lasers can be easily integrated into domestic robotic laser welding systems to meet the high-quality and low-cost requirements of most Chinese sheet metal manufacturing users for laser equipment. (The above is edited and reproduced from the Internet by the stainless steel laser cutting machine. Please explain the source.)
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