Solution to the problem that the laser cutting machine does not emit light

by:Caodahai     2021-08-30
When using the laser cutting machine, has the customer encountered the problem of not emitting light, in fact, the impact of this problem is still relatively large: 1. Check whether the water tank is alarmed, and connect the water inlet and the water outlet behind the water tank with a pipe Get up, power on the water tank to see if it is alarming. If the alarm is reported, it means there is a problem with the water tank. If not, it means that the laser tube is blocked. Check if the water pipe is blocked or bent, or if there is something in the water. Things. No alarm, check whether the power supply fan is rotating, the laser power supply fan is rotating, you can short-circuit the laser power supply pin 2 and pin 3, and whether the laser tube emits light, it means that the control card is loose on the line or the motion control card is damaged. . If there is no light, the laser power supply needs to be replaced in time. Generally speaking, the laser tube is rarely damaged. Look at the high-voltage end of the laser tube to see if there is sparking. This phenomenon will burn out the electronic components and boards. If the laser power fan does not rotate, you can use an electric pen to test whether the power supply at both ends of the laser has power. If it is a little bit, it means the power supply is damaged. If there is no power, continue to check the laser power switch. 2. There is no light when the machine is turned on, and the operator is not very familiar with the operation process of the machine. To check the following aspects, whether the power of the laser cutting machine can be turned on. Whether the water tank is open. Whether the power of the laser cutting machine operation panel is correct. Or whether the computer software parameters are correct. Whether the light path is normal. (Press the light to see if the laser tube is bright, but the laser head is not bright, there is a problem with the optical path)
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