Snoring is an important issue in life. Other people

by:Caodahai     2020-06-17
You could change the sleeping position of your body, this may help to stop snoring. If you try to sleep on your side or stomach, this will prevent your tongue from slipping to the back of the throat and blocking the airway, which can cause you to snore. You can use a body pillow if you find it hard to sleep on your side, this will help to support your body while sleeping. A body pillow that supports your entire body can make it easier to sleep on your side, and if that isn't enough try taping tennis balls to the back of your pajamas as it will keep you from rolling over on your back. Weight loss, as being overweight and having some extra weight on your neck squeezes the inside of the throat which can cause it to collapse during sleep which causes snoring. It is known that consuming alcohol (a sedative) right before bedtime can cause throat muscles to relax causing you to snore, you should limit alcohol drinks to 4 to 5 hours prior to bedtime. Smoking can weaken and clog the throat, so try and quit. Practice better sleeping habits. Long nights at work without enough rest can cause the body to fall into a deeper sleep and the muscles will become more relaxed which can make you snore even louder than usual. Doctors may recommend getting your body use to going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same every day, causing your body the natural rhythm it needs. Unclog your nasal passages. If you have a cold, allergies or some other irritation, it can plug your nose which can cause snoring. Clear your nose with a hot shower before sleeping, or by rinsing the mouth with saltwater. Go to the drug store and buy some nasal strips, these can help keep your nasal passages open. Purchase a new pillow. Your bedroom can be a playground for dust and other allergens that can cause your nose to become stuffy. An old pillow may be the blame for allergic reactions causing you to snore because of a stuffy nose at night. By putting your pillow in the dryer every 2 weeks on air only fluff cycle, you can reduce the allergens and keep it fresh, you could replace the pillow every six months if this helps. Try and drink ample amounts of water. If you want to feel better, drink more water, it keeps our bodies hydrated and it's plays a vital role to our well being. Water will help keep our soft palate healthy and prevent it from becoming sticky when sleeping, another cause of snoring. Another snoring solution may be to exercise the upper torso to tone your muscles. To help stop snoring, regularly exercising the body, arms, legs, back will tone your throat also. You could do exercises for the throat for 30 minutes daily, this will prevent snoring. Try a few times a day, a couple of minutes each time, repeating each vowel A E I O U. Another one, press your lips together and hold for 30 seconds. Try this one for a couple of minutes, begin by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind the front teeth and move it towards the throat. Now try opening your mouth and move your jaw to the right and hold for thirty seconds and repeat on the left side. Lastly, contract the muscles in your throat by watching the little hanging ball (uvula) move up and down. If you like to sing, this can help increase muscle control in your throat and soft palate, this snoring solution could be fun. If you have tried these easy home snoring solutions and still cannot find any relief you may want to consult your doctor or dentist. They might have tested and proven snoring solutions from years of experience. Another cause of snoring, could be sleep apnea which is a dangerous health issue or other breathing problems. Please consult your doctor, if you snore loudly, gasp for breath, choke, or stop breathing, it's always better to be safe than sorry. To keep the airway open during sleep, doctors can offer a CPAP device (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). A device known as the CPAP machine, which the user places a mask over the nose, and forces air into the airway, this keeps the airway open. For those who snore, surgery could be the answer, by enlarging the airway in the throat by removing tissue, or inserting implants which stop the vibrations in the throat which cause snoring. On the horizon are new laser treatments, which may be another snoring solution. The right snoring solution for your situation can be decided by you and your doctor. There are dental devices that can be designed by your dentist to help keep your airway open when you are sleeping. Lower jaw position is a contributor to snoring and a dentist can fit you with a mouth guard to help keep your lower jaw forward making snoring less likely.
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