Simple analysis of several problems that are prone to laser cutting machines

by:Caodahai     2021-09-24
Laser cutting is an indispensable tool in the daily work of many industries. In the daily work of laser cutting machines, some problems are prone to occur due to operational reasons or unfavorable maintenance. Below, Wuhan High Energy Laser will briefly talk about laser cutting machines. Three problems that are more likely to occur. First of all, when laser cutting zinc sheet, the workpiece often has burrs. In this case, it is often necessary to give priority to the factors that cause the burrs during the cutting operation. It is not possible to simply increase the cutting speed, because the increase speed blindly, In the actual cutting process, it is very easy to cut through the sheet, which is particularly prominent when processing aluminum-zinc coated sheets. At this time, other factors of the machine tool should be taken into consideration to solve the problem, such as whether the nozzle should be replaced or the guide rail movement is unstable. Secondly, the deformation phenomenon occurs when the small holes are processed by laser cutting. This is because the machine tool does not adopt the method of blasting and perforating when processing the small holes, but uses the method of pulse perforation, which makes the laser energy too concentrated in a small area, which will The non-processed area is also scorched, causing deformation of the hole and affecting the processing quality. At this time, we should change the pulse perforation method to the blast perforation method in the processing program to solve it. The opposite is true for lower power laser cutting. Pulse perforation should be used to obtain a better surface finish when processing small holes. Therefore, when using laser cutting, different perforation methods should be selected according to different powers.   Finally, abnormal sparks occur when laser cutting low carbon steel. This situation will affect the processing quality of the time cleanliness of the cut section of the part. At this time, when other parameters are normal, the loss of the laser head nozzle should be considered. If the problem exists, the nozzle should be replaced in time. If there is no replacement of a new nozzle, the cutting working gas pressure should be increased.   The above are some of the problems that may occur in the daily work of the laser cutting machine. You have seen that if you encounter similar problems in actual production and life, you can find an appropriate solution based on the actual problem.
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