Several methods must be known to clean the lens of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-01
Due to the particularity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to clean the parts of the laser cutting machine frequently, especially the precision parts. We should pay more attention to it. A slight error will affect the work of the entire laser cutting machine. performance. Today we are going to share with you about the cleaning method of the laser cutting machine lens. The lens of the laser cutting machine mainly plays the role of focusing and reflection. A good lens can increase the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine and save auxiliary gas. Therefore, considering the importance of the lens, we must be very careful when cleaning the lens. Matters needing attention: 1. When taking out the lens from the laser cutting machine, do not touch the lens directly with your hands, wear gloves or use tweezers to take it. 2. The lens should be placed on the characteristic lens paper, and be careful not to place it on rough objects to avoid damage. 3. Do not directly touch the part containing metal. The cleaning steps are as follows: 1. Use a tiger ball to blow away the floating dust on the surface of the lens. Never use your mouth to blow it. We must keep the lens dry. 2. For the dirt that cannot be blown off, we need to use a cotton swab or cotton ball with a paper handle, and then mix it with specific acetone and propanol to clean it. The intensity should be moderate, too heavy will cause the lens to scratch. 3. After cleaning, we use cotton balls or cotton swabs with distilled water to clean the acetone and propanol residues on the surface of the lens finely and deeply. 4. Finally, the drying step is carried out. For more cleaning methods of laser cutting machine, please pay attention to high-energy laser http://www.gnlaser.com/
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