Selection reference of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-16
With the development of science and technology, the progress of society and the gradual increase of market demand, the development of enterprises has been inseparable from the help of laser cutting machines. But when choosing a laser cutting machine, due to the wide variety of laser cutting machines on the market today, everyone is a little confused and don't know how to choose. Below we will give you some reference on the selection of laser cutting machine.   There are many factors to consider when selecting a laser cutting machine. In addition to considering the current maximum size of the workpiece, the material, the maximum thickness to be cut, and the size of the raw material, more considerations need to be given to the future development direction.  Laser cutting machine is a modern equipment with high input and high output. Every minute saved in time may mean an extra 10 yuan. The current status of peripheral laser cutting machines is also a key point that laser cutting machine buyers must pay attention to. The fierce market competition must try to avoid homogeneous competition.   Judging from the current application fields of laser cutting machines and the technical requirements put forward by users, the future development direction of laser cutting machines is undoubtedly high power, large format, high efficiency, one-time molding, and high intelligence. The universal application of WALC wide-format series in the locomotive industry and heavy industry has brought users high-efficiency and high-quality productivity; CONTOUR high-speed and high-precision series cutting machines are widely used in construction machinery and high-value-added products industries; as an external processing industry, super The cost-effective cantilever Minter laser cutting machine is the best choice.   Wuhan Gaoneng Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating Ru0026D, production and sales of professional laser complete sets of equipment. Not only successfully developed laser equipment with advanced technology, but also used self-support import and export rights to promote products to more than forty global products including Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Jordan, etc. nation.
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