Secrets of daily maintenance of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-25
The laser cutting machine has brought you a lot of convenience in the actual production activities of various industries. Therefore, the laser cutting machine is a good helper in your work, and the daily maintenance of the laser cutting machine is also particularly important. It can avoid malfunctions at work, extend the service life, and at the same time improve work efficiency and create greater value for the enterprise.  Enable the laser cutting machine to maintain excellent working conditions. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:   1. No items can be placed in the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.  2. Clean the dust and foreign matter on the metal oil tanker, metal shaft, sliding block and linear guide with cotton cloth, and then add lubricating oil, and carry out the reciprocating motion of the empty line.  3. Put a little lubricating oil on the screws, including the screws on the laser tube support and the first reflector, which can facilitate the disassembly and assembly during maintenance. Note: Do not add lubricating oil to timing belts, drag chains, air pipes, motors, sensors, lenses, and wires. 4. After the motion system has been working for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the motion connection will be loosened, which will affect the stability of the mechanical motion. Therefore, during the operation of the machine, observe whether there are abnormal noises or abnormal phenomena in the transmission components, and find problems. It must be firm and maintained in time. At the same time, the machine should use tools to tighten the screws one by one after a period of time.   Wuhan Gaoneng Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating Ru0026D, production and sales of professional laser complete sets of equipment. Not only successfully developed laser equipment with advanced technology, but also used self-support import and export rights to promote products to more than forty global products including Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Jordan, etc. nation.
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