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by:Caodahai     2020-03-20
Allerton House in wemto Central Park assists life nurses, Allerton House kathy Boyle, Melanie Cosato, Margaret Ruhiu and Victoria Shanahan are the unsung heroes of this community
Life-assisted nurses are not always appreciated.
Their unusual positions are sometimes overlooked and misunderstood.
The work is complex, diverse, interesting, valuable and always evolving.
Nurses are responsible for residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on any day they may become case managers, nursing assistants, educators, maintenance personnel, chefs, housekeepers, and social workers.
They are knowledgeable, friendly, professional, compassionate and committed to providing exemplary care.
I entrusted the care of my mother and mother to these women --in-
My sister and Iin-
Know that the people I love will get the best.
In my mother\'s last days, the nurses were kind, loving, with her, making her comfortable and sympathetic to her and our family.
They provide the same level of care for all residents and families in the community because they are such people.
You can\'t teach compassion.
My family has benefited from their kindness and will always thank the mother for the love and care she has given. —
Nominated by the American Kidney Association michelle LarameeAmerican Renal michelle Salvato, the American Kidney dialysis center has been on dialysis for the past three years.
The nurse assistants and staff at the American Kidney Center were fantastic, but Michelle was very prominent.
She knows very well that dialysis is a torture to the body and I can\'t remember the day when she didn\'t greet me with her infectious smile.
She asked my wife and children in good faith.
She knew that when I was depressed, even if she was not assigned to me that day, she would come over and see if it would make me smile and appreciate the day.
I just touched Michelle\'s surface, but as a nurse, I can\'t think of someone I respect more.
She\'s my unsung hero. —
Nominated by John SforzaArt, home of Care Health Services, the art of care is very happy with Pahada (pronounced pay-da)
, Assigned to my visiting nurse through the art of nursing.
She always calls with her proposed arrival time and will call again if she is delayed.
But punctuality is the least advantage she has.
I especially appreciate her happiness.
She always smiles, which is very helpful in itself.
She\'s very productive in changing me [pain drug]
Repair and check the dressing near my tailbone and always ask if she can do something else to help me.
It was hard for me to go out, she used to try her best to get me throughthe-
When the art of care wants to reduce her access time, she speaks for me.
No one trusted me more than I did, and I went to Beth Israel to see a lot of other excellent nurses every week. —
Arlene Kelly, nominated by Anne tobertalius Health Cardiovascular Center, I am very happy to work with Arlene for nearly four years.
She is an important member of our team and is always ready to join where needed.
Our doctors rely on her skills to know that when they see Arlene their patients will be well cared.
I work in the cardiology testing department and countless patients have expressed their happiness with her.
\"Arlene is amazing.
\"She just explained everything.
\"What a good lady.
\"These are just some quotes from patients.
I\'m usually the last person in any day in the office except Arlene.
Her schedule is always full.
At 5: 30 p. m. , she was often here, carefully recording her patient\'s visit and the phone number of the day.
Did you answer the patient\'s question about the management of sodium intake in CHF (CHF)
For the diet advice of diabetic patients, Arlene patiently expressed sympathy for each patient.
As a colleague, she is also a blessing.
She is always willing to answer any questions from the staff, and like me, they may just have general health questions.
When my father was hospitalized in Swiss francs, Arlene took the time from the holiday to reply to my text message.
Arlene is a real professional.
Her expertise was appreciated and her professional ethics was appreciated.
She set an excellent example for many of our young employees.
What sets her apart, I believe, is that care is more than just what Arlene does;
That\'s who she is. —
Cindy LiuzzaBayberry nominated Emerald CourtCathie mereken, bayberry, Emerald CourtI had been in the same building for several years in a nursing home with the Cathie/dementia group of Alzheimer\'s disease.
Cathie is right.
Stop nurses who go beyond duty every day, run from one side of the building to the other, and constantly invest more time to ensure that every resident who needs attention can get it.
She helps everyone in the building and is an example for other nurses and assistants. —
Nominated by Ellie SilvaBaystate health carly Mailloux at Baystate health Medical Center, one of the most exciting days of my life, due to serious complications I just
My husband and I felt scared, excited, nervous and worried at the same time.
After the caesarean section, I was placed in the post-anesthesia care room with an excellent nurse named Carly.
I told her after 10 minutes that I was not feeling well.
The next hour was completely blurred.
I have postpartum bleeding-
This potentially fatal complication affects more than 125,000 women in the United States each year.
Although it is difficult for me to remember the details, Carly is very calm and confident under great pressure.
When a team of additional medical professionals arrived, Carly began giving orders to everyone.
Everyone in the room has a clear role and Carly is constantly completing the procedure to make sure things go smoothly.
I never felt her anxiety.
Carly\'s right next to me. at my request)
Make sure I\'m never alone.
I really believe that her calm and confident demeanor is helpful to my complete recovery.
Carly continued to show her compassion and even came to see me when she recovered the next day.
I will never forget her name
More importantly, how much she helped my body and emotions that day. —
Baystate health tracy was nominated by Meghan KirbyTracy Saracino of Wesson women and baby stock, and when I had a son, she was my labor and delivery nurse.
Although our interaction is short, I can\'t express in words how special she is to me.
Even though my son\'s father was there, she cut off his cord.
She is truly unique: a great person, a skilled nurse. —
The Baystate health clinical nurse, nominated by Victoria langloiska Lisa Gorman, is rolling out a model of care called compassionate connections in care.
A key behavior in this model is called the moment of concern \".
\"In order to establish a personal connection, the nurse sat with the patient for three to five minutes.
Karissa, a doctor.
The surgical nurse realized that one of her elderly patients was about to die.
She made contact with the patient\'s wife and when she learned that the wife did not come to visit the mechanism, she called Uber and paid for it to ship the wife.
She then met the driver and helped the old man get off the bus and be with her husband.
The couple was able to spend the last moments of his life together.
Personal contact seems natural for this distinguished clinician.
Last week, she noticed that one of her patients was very anxious about the scheduled surgery.
After learning that the woman liked and collected the lighthouse, Calisa made a handmade lighthouse with surgical supplies.
To ease the fear of the patient, she put the lighthouse on a note in words of encouragement.
Karissa\'s caring moments are a shining example for all BMC nurses, and reaching and contacting patients is indeed the biggest reward for being a nurse. —
Nominated by Kristin cruznik bomontekang rehabilitation and skilled care center Barbara Schmitt, the bomontekang rehabilitation and skilled care center Barbara is the kind of nurse we want to be around at the end of our lives.
She took care of my father kindly. in-
It\'s like he\'s her own family.
Nick lived independently for most of 96 years.
When he entered Bomont, Barbara assured us that he would be treated with dignity and respect.
He falls in love there every day.
After the most wonderful care of the year, Nick\'s life is over.
Barbara stayed with him, supported our family, and worked to make sure we were able to grieve for the loss of this beloved person. —
Joann nominated RosatoBerkshire medical CenterNancy Hopper, the quality of Berkshire Medical CenterMy mom as a nurse in Pittsfield.
For more than 35 years, it is also a primary school nurse at Dalton Cranville School in Massachusetts.
Whether she is 5 or 95, she is sympathetic to each patient.
In fact, her passion for patients is one of the many reasons I decided to be a nurse myself.
I remember going to visit her every Sunday at work and saying, \"I want to visit those who are injured,\" meaning recovering patients.
I am honored to work with her now at the same hospital I went to last Sunday.
Without Nancy\'s dedication to care and her compassion for the patient, I would not be me today: a nurse like her. —
Nominated by Beth Transplant perbeth Israel women\'s physician medical center Melissa Bauer, Beth Israel women\'s physician medical center Melissa is a liver Transplant coordinator who helps patients navigate through medication, testing, appointments with transplant team members and other subject experts.
I recently had a liver transplant.
Melissa started taking care of me about a year ago and today she is still following me.
She stood by me while waiting and recovering, a difficult period physically and emotionally.
The transplant team and Melissa worked tirelessly to keep me alive while waiting for the liver.
She took the time to see me in the hospital.
Melissa coordinated my health care, kept up with the changes, and helped build and handle various appointments with team doctors and other experts.
She told me about the changes in medication and the need to be in the hospital.
Mediation management is a balance of the steel wire.
Doing things right requires a lot of expertise.
Melissa has had meticulous interactions with doctors and transplant teams to ensure that this complex process works properly.
It could take a long time and Melissa called many times in the evening.
Even if Melissa had to deliver bad news, she was always caring and kind.
The message was delivered in a straight-forward way, but there was a little sympathy in her voice.
Without her expertise and care, it is almost impossible for this experience to survive.
I will always thank her for her help. —
Nominated by Mary collinski Anna Barrett, the Beth Israel convent hospital-NeedhamKiana has been a nurse for seven years at the BID ham Hospital.
Over the past year, she has become a strong leader in the unit.
She defends the patient, whether it means providing comfort to the family or providing care to the patient, she works well with the team of doctors and nurses and provides a wealth of experience.
Her patients like that she smiles close to her job, which also makes them smile.
When you have a nurse to stay calm in a challenging setting in the intensive care unit, you tend to have good patient care experience.
Kiana has been developing her skills and ability to work as a member of the ICU team, teaching her knowledge to new employees and student nurses.
She took part in any educational opportunities that emerged and provided her peers with the opportunity to learn new processes in the ICU.
Whenever new challenges arise, Kiana is the first person to control and improve the level of patient care.
She wants to take care of the most challenging patients in this unit, but she provides the same total care for all the patients she meets.
How she treats every patient with dignity and respect and a smile on her face, not just a patient, and that is her ability to shine.
Some patients came back to visit her after leaving the hospital. —
The Beth Israel convent nurse nominated by Kristin mckianna Barrett is special and should be recognized for the way they interact with patients and their overall care.
Kiana is an exception.
She took great care of my dad and checked him a lot and made him smile every time she entered the room.
As soon as I entered the door, she introduced herself and told me how he was doing and who he would see that day.
She explained to him what tests she was doing, why, and what medicine the doctor ordered.
She is so caring and thoughtful;
She made him feel comfortable when my dad needed to use the bathroom-
We can\'t do better ourselves.
When the person you love feels uncomfortable, you are nervous about what is going to happen, but you have a great nurse and nothing is more difficult than that.
Kiana is a great nurse. —
Nominated by Mirna RoumaliAmy Baut, Beth Israel ess Medical Center amy, who works in post-Medical
The anesthesia and nursing department in the West Campus is the kind of nurse I dream.
During my years as a patient at Beth Israel, she really touched my heart.
I was very upset when I received particularly bad news after the operation.
Amy made me the only patient she had. to-
I have only one concern.
Not a lot she can do, but she can do it, she does a good job. Amy used old-
Old-fashioned nursing techniques have been adopted in me.
When I was upset, she rubbed lotion on my feet and listened to me crying.
She wants to make me laugh. I appreciate it.
I will never forget that day because I am very grateful to her for the love, compassion and outstanding skills she used to take care of my emotional needs and physical needs.
In an era where technology has evolved so far, the inability of nurses to provide treatment can sometimes cause paralysis.
Amy offers love, support, encouragement and humor.
She did not leave me alone because of my physical stability, but saw my emotional needs and did not leave my side.
I will always be grateful for her kindness and care.
Beth Israel is lucky that she can represent them so well and her patients are luckier. —
Beth Israel convent hospital-plmouthashley\'s clinical abilities, such as administration and injection, are outstanding.
When I asked her a strange question, she found the answer online and responded quickly to any request for help.
Not only is Ashley very confident,
What really sets her apart is her consistent support for her nurse colleagues.
When Ashley was on duty, the team clicked and the atmosphere at 2 East was significantly brighter. —
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is nominated by Brenda bolingbarbara Barkley, intensive care unit. My sister Barbara has been a nurse in the ICU for more than 40 years.
When our mother recently received a severe diagnosis, my sister accompanied her 24 hours a day until she died 11 days later.
She hovers around her mom to make her as comfortable as possible, showing us how clinicians can make decisions based on only the expertise they have
When I knew she was crying inside, she always smiled, spoke, and even sang to her.
She provided all the advice, comfort and guidance my family needed.
I may be biased because she is my sister, but Barbara proves what kind of person the nurse should be. —
Appointed Christine BuckleySusy carnival, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterSusy has been a nurse since 1991.
She started at BIDMC on 1992. bed, multi-
I have been working with her since 2011.
At that time, she also did three jobs, but although she did a great job in her role and taking care of her husband and three children, she always brought vitality, happiness and professional spirit to her work.
Even now, more than 25 years later, she still carries the same passion every day.
You can see that she loves her job.
She takes care of patients like her family and supports them through the most overwhelming experiences of their lives.
Suzy took care of a 27-year-
The old patient with cirrhosis, who had bleeding, eventually needed a liver transplant.
He got married recently and it was very stressful for the new couple.
Suzy\'s stay in the medical intensive care unit not only clinically, but also emotionally supports both of them.
The whole family expressed how much they liked Suzy to be their nurse.
I remember a legally blind patient.
Who is challenging to take care of the term memory deficit.
When she was assigned to me, the patient expressed concern about having a male nurse.
Suzy took over my task without hesitation.
When the patient shouts, Suzy will immediately stand by her bedside with a smile, calm her down, and assure her that she will be well taken care --for. —
Delwin VillaranteSarah Cordell, Department of Neurosurgery, Beth Israel ess Medical Center, nominated me to have worked with Sarah in neurosurgery for more than three years, watching her help our patients complete the pre-setand post-
Strong clinical skills, empathy and overall consideration.
She can use a multi-disciplinary approach to take care of patients and often work with the nervous system.
Preoperative oncology, infectious diseases, cardiology and plastic surgery in our patients
Job clearance and post
Surgery for their incision
I saw that she spent hours on the phone with the insurance company to help a patient implement the Medicaid program in order to receive care with the best surgeon.
Every day, she takes time to coordinate with pharmacies and insurance companies to obtain prior authorization and find affordable solutions based on the needs of patients.
I also saw Sarah go out of her way to make the patient comfortable.
For example, one of our complex patients underwent multiple surgeries and spent several months in the hospital, so Sarah took the time to go to the inpatient building to see the patient.
The patient was confident that she could remove the stitches, and through all this, Sarah made sure she was comfortable and had all the necessary information about her care.
Sara shows the meaning of being a nurse every day inside and outside the clinic.
Patients can see that she is confident in her skills and they believe that she provides them with the best possible care.
Sarah is a perfect example of an excellent bedside attitude, intelligence in her field, and motivation to give patients the care they deserve. —
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is nominated by Rebecca TshonasAnn Mary Darcy, a beth Israel nurse.
She began working as an employee nurse in 2002.
She became a unit in 2008.
She accomplished the role brilliantly in eight years.
In 2016, she was chosen to open a new medical floor in the East Campus.
After graduating from the Master of Nursing and completing the clinical nurse specialist certification, she served as a clinical nurse specialist in Inpatient Medicine III.
Balancing the needs of patients, nurses, units and medical centers in the role of nurse specialists is really needed.
Ann Marie performed her local and central duties gracefully and calmly.
In the local area, she is a valuable resource for the medical unit of the East Campus, providing expert consultation and real
Time education and guidance for nursing staff.
At the Grand Medical Center, Ann Marie is a respected nurse leader and a role model and mentor for many of her colleagues.
She is committed to developing patients. and family-
Focus on care and take advantage of the strengths of all members of the medical team, including patients and their loved ones, to help improve patient experience and outcomes.
Ann Marie incorporated this into her own practice and set an example for this practice for our carers. —
Beth Israel ess Medical Center is nominated by Laura katadomia Garvin, and although I am a nurse myself, it is terrible to be a patient who gives birth and gives birth.
I have fear and worry as an OB nurse because \"ignorance is happy.
\"I am honored to have Maija as my Labor nurse when my son was born in last July.
Her compassion, sense of humor and knowledge calmed down all my fears within seconds of seeing her.
I have videos and photos of the day, and I can honestly say that having Maia by my side is one of the most meaningful aspects of the memorable day.
She is a friend of mine and a colleague of mine, but I was surprised to see her in a professional role.
Her clinical skills are good and her emotional intelligence and her performance in nursing positions are excellent.
I am very grateful to her for having been there with my family for such a happy moment and I would like to pay tribute to her because she is such a wonderful part of such a special day. —
Jean, Beth Israel ess Medical Center, nominated by Kate ArmanoJean Garner, is a nurse navigator for trachea-dependent bronchitis (TBM)
Beth Israel\'s show, the godsend of BIDMC, my go-
All the people.
It is very difficult to suffer from chronic diseases.
It will be easier to have Jean on your side.
She knows how to give emotional support and how to get things done.
I often call her just to chat and get advice and she always takes the time for me.
She makes all of us feel more confident.
I will always thank her for being by my side and for her skills and compassion.
When I talk to her, I feel like I\'m talking to a friend. —
Beth Israel deacon Medical Center is nominated by Jennifer ChampySarah Haigh, a neonatal intensive care unit. My son was born early and spent three months under Sarah\'s care.
Every day, I know he got the best care.
She took time out of her busy shift to sit down and hold him, talk to him, and make sure he has anything he needs.
She was my son\'s chief defense lawyer when we couldn\'t go.
She takes the time to sit with us and make sure that we fully understand what happens at vulnerable moments in our lives.
If it weren\'t for Sarah\'s love, care and compassion, this very difficult time would have been worse. —
Nominated by Meagan MacDonaldKatie Hathaway, Beth Israel ess Medical Center, katie goes out of her way to help her colleagues and ensure that all patients, regardless of her task, are comfortable and caredfor.
I can\'t cite specific interactions because she does this every shift she works on.
She always smiles and brings warm light to the unit. —
Beth Israel deconess Medical Center is nominated by Allison comoletthem/oncology nurse and I have been nursing as an inpatient and outpatient patient with hematology/oncology since May 2017
Dozens of outstanding people.
I can\'t pick out a nurse from all the people who oversee my care, but my wife and I can\'t miss this opportunity to express our thanks to these outstanding carers.
Sympathy: warm blankets, extra pillows, gentle dressing on the skin, crib when my wife was with me, and the question, \"What else can I do for you?
\"Before leaving, check for other patients who received the same unparalleled attention.
Strong clinical skills: 11 a nurse at Reisman explained calmly that the rigour could be terrible, but with her skilled change of bedding and gown and the provision of the necessary medication
Excellent communication skills
Confirm an appointment or answer a question by email and phone.
A nurse who cares about my body temperature quietly insisted that my doctor come over and check me out.
Patient advocacy: The nurses in the emergency room teamed up to make sure I had a hospital bed instead of gurney because they knew I had been treated countless times.
I\'m going through something I never dreamed of or knew.
In my life, without these people, without the rudder, I will drift.
When my wife or I asked, \"Is it a friendly prerequisite to work in the BIDMC?
The nurse always replied, \"No, this is the culture here. ” Right.
Culture of love. —
Nominated by the neonatal intensive care unit Charles Jones Emma Killeen, Beth Israel women\'s pastor Medical Center. The first time we met Emma was when my son was born prematurely in 27 weeks. As first-
When we are parents, we don\'t know what our plan is.
Emma was assigned as a junior nurse for my son Ilan.
Coincidentally, Ilan is also her first premiere as prime minister.
On the hardest day of our lives, no one can trust, we immediately got in touch with Emma, who is absolutely responsible.
The next 95 days were as hard as any parent thought.
We don\'t know how it feels to give our children to strangers, or how it feels to see others take care of our children.
Along the way, Emma is with us and makes us comfortable with the love and care that Ilan has --for.
Emma is a stranger. we appreciate it.
We appreciate the bond we have built, the love she has given, and the crying she has for our children.
Emma is part of the reason we survived. —
AggarwalJessica Leon neep nominated together (nee D’Antuono)
Beth Israel ess medical center, how many times have one of us, through all this, said \"Thank God for Jessica \"?
My wife, Elizabeth, underwent emergency surgery last summer and entered the Beth Israel surgical intensive care unit.
She endured severe infection for 11 consecutive days, and her organs gradually failed.
Then she couldn\'t stand the attack anymore and she died.
Working in the ICU, Jessica has to be exposed to all kinds of serious diseases and after
I\'m sure she has seen her share in anxious and sometimes heartbreaking families.
But somehow she found a reserve of compassion and patience (and time!
How did she find it during that time? )
It made it easier for me and my family to endure an incredible difficult situation and to understand it.
Elizabeth was in the best hands when Jessica walked into the room.
Every detail is taken care of, every IV line is carefully checked and every monitor and instrument is double checkedchecked.
But most importantly, my unconscious wife was respected with care: a dry hand lotion, an oral swab, and a gentle repositioning.
In taking care of all the challenges Elizabeth faces, Jessica always has time to explain and explain the changing medical conditions.
She is very considerate and honest.
We depend on her;
We are also in the best hands.
Elizabeth is a nurse and she is very proud of her career.
I am gratified that I know how proud she will be of the care she receives, that my daughter and I received care in the last days of her life. —
Nominated by Glenn Stark Shane McCarthy, Beth Israel women\'s pastor Medical Center, although it is difficult to pick out one of the many excellent nurses who took care of her during my wife Caroline, 27 days after Beth Israel received two cardiac stops, I nominated Shane, who is a nurse, manage her care in the cardiovascular intensive care unit from 7 in the morning. m. to 7 p. m. (
Always stay up in an hour)
In the first five days of her critical state.
After she arrived from the operating room, his work started and she was placed in the heart of \"ecmo --
The lung bypass machine, allowing her heart and lungs to recover from the trauma of a large blood clot that stopped the heart for 10 minutes twice the day before.
Professional skills, calm and command, he works day after day from dawn to dusk, keeping 11 IVs working properly, while he was on duty, he carefully hooked up more than 20 units of blood to take care of the open wound in her groin, which connected the huge tube of the ecmo machine, all of these are anxious family members hanging around Caroline.
Polite but firm, he kindly told us when we had to go out to work so that he could work without interruption, and his confident demeanor always assured us that she was in good hands
After she survived
The torture of an hour on the machine and her prospects seem more promising, and he remains vigilant and ultimately ensures that she is safely transferred to the heart ICU at the end of the next five days of his care.
We will always be grateful to him. —
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is nominated by David Cornish greqin McGrath. My wife, Gretchen, is an oncology nurse at 11 Reisman, Boston campus.
When she goes to work, she takes care of what we fear most: a person who is undignified, helpless, and different. of-
Control of the end of life.
A disease that we are still trying to learn. it absorbs a lot from us.
The constant family story is filled with indecision and despair as an unfair opponent tries to destroy who we are.
However, there are these angels who, with compassion and compassion, help their patients and their families through insurmountable difficulties --all (
In the case of my wife)
While raising four children under the age of six, try not to let these images face the same difficulties that these families must face at work, at work and imagining their families.
Gretchen shared her experience with me on a limited basis to protect me from what she saw, only to the extent that I did this as a law enforcement officer, share the familiarity of human experience.
While staying positive, she worked hard not to let it affect her family and dealt with the most insurmountable difficulties.
I saw the cost of her work and the extra concerns as a mother and a tumor nurse. —
Beth Israel women\'s medical center monique, nominated by John mcgrmonique Nestor, has long been a senior heart failure nurse here.
I\'m sure a lot of them will tell you that Monique keeps them alive.
Our patient usually needs to register by phone once, twice or three times a week and she is always friendly, patient and compassionate to everyone.
I am in awe of her knowledge, skills and abilities, and she is able to treat every patient with a range of complex medical problems.
In addition to patient care, Monique is also our chief nurse.
That followed a lot of administrative work and training for new nurses.
Monique teaches in a thoughtful, easy-to-understand way and brings the best clinical care to every patient.
I hope the Advanced Heart Failure department will never be needed.
But if I do, I hope Monique can help take care of me. —
At a time when people are vulnerable, scared and faced with the worst of their lives, nominated by nurse Monica gilisen, Reisman 11, Beth Israel women\'s physician Medical Center, 11 nurses in Reisman\'s inpatient oncology department show compassion, compassion and diligence at work every day.
While considering the overall quality of life of patients and caregivers, family and friends, these dedicated nurses face death and various emotions in each class.
Their courage, endurance and a heart of gold, and the excellent care they provide to patients, deserve praise. —
Meredith, Israel\'s pastor Medical Center nominated by Brian SimonsMeredith Perry, has the most infectious laughter and compassion.
She really cares about her work in the operating room and takes care of me many times.
Last year, when I had a very extensive operation, Meredith rescheduled her schedule so that she could take part in the operation.
Knowing that she was there, praying for me, and looking at me while I was going to have surgery all day meant a lot to me.
She often stays with me in the intensive care unit and during my stay.
She showed so much kindness and compassion and so amazing skills that she was one of the reasons why I felt safe at BIDMC.
I know she will protect me, take care of my needs, and my care for her will always be better. —
Nominated by Jennifer ChampyNadine Ramirez, Beth Israel ess medical center has gone out of her way to support positive energy patients at their most vulnerable moments.
She works hard to make patients and families understand what is happening in simple English and has always been their advocate.
In addition to being an excellent nurse, she has cultivated community awareness on her floor by supporting newly graduated nurses to learn the art of nursing.
Nadine always works with a generous spirit.
I recently had a patient who was very anxious and was afraid to be hospitalized again.
Nadine took her hand, listened to her concerns, and spent countless hours with her.
When the patient\'s clinical status changes, she is the first person to notice and immediately informs the team of doctors, which may have saved the life of that woman.
Selfless nurses like Nadine don\'t have enough credit. —
Christen Ramirez CourtadeNadine nominated, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterHer care embodies the care of the Arts and Sciences and advocates for the care of the BIDMC.
Regardless of the manner of her patients, Nadine asked them to forget why they were going to the hospital in the first place.
She took care of them with compassion, dignity and respect.
She gets along well with patients and is the best example of the art of nursing. —
Nominated by Lindsay DuphineyNatalie Reilly, the clinical vision of Beth Israel women\'s physician medical center natalie is balanced with her compassion, when our daughter spent six weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, let\'s go home and sleep at ease.
Natalie made us think Amelia was her only patient.
Natalie taught us how to take care of her and answered every question and concern we could think.
She came to teach us more than once late or early to solve our uneasiness.
When we face an expert team, Natalie is a vocal board, an understanding parent, a confidant, and most importantly, a patient advocate.
\"Thank you\" doesn\'t seem to fit, but it\'s a start. —
Beth Israel ess Medical Center is nominated by nurse Sarah Briggs12 Reisman. Every nurse on Reisman is a kind, smart, caring, sincere, fun and special person.
As their director of care, I observe the amazing care they provide every day and receive many beautiful comments from patients and their families.
They told me about the true professional spirit, incredible skills, warmth, compassion, encouragement, and laughter that the nurses provided during their stay in hospital.
They will always remember that the care provided to them by 12 Reisman nurses helped them through.
Twelve Reisman nurses also look after each other like family members.
They stay up late to help colleagues, take the time to listen and support each other through difficult times, and celebrate each other\'s personal and career milestones and achievements.
They are happy and do everything they can to create a better day for their patients, family and colleagues. —
Nominated by Gina MurphyLouise Riemer, Transplant Institute, Beth Israel ess Medical Center, I have had the privilege of working with Louise for more than seven years.
No more difficult than this.
A working or friendly nurse.
She worked with dialysis patients for countless hours to help many of them bridge the kidney transplant.
She also provides support to the family members of the patient, which is a necessary condition for full care.
She directed and directed nurses in multiple roles including liver, pancreas and kidney transplants;
Department of liver and gallbladder surgery;
And dialysis channels.
Her clinical abilities and her ability to play so many roles are excellent.
Her patients worshipped her, and her staff worshipped her;
She was trusted by both the patient and the staff.
With Louise on your team, you can really get the best care. —
One day I noticed a nomination by Tracy brannriemer from the Transplant Institute at Beth Israel ess Medical Center
The passage of the transplant care patient expanded and his hand was numb with pain.
It was a very busy day for many patients.
I found Louise reviewing another patient.
I know she is busy and she has to deal with several surgeons who have asked her to see other patients.
Although I didn\'t make an appointment with her, I asked her to take a moment to see my patients.
\"That\'s why I\'m here,\" she said with a smile.
I\'ll see him right away.
\"Not only did she see the patient, but she also organized a visit to the fistula and the surgeon and made sure that the patient was well taken care.
Whenever I was worried or tired and she smiled at me at the clinic, I knew she understood how hard it was to do the job and I felt better at once: \"You are a great doctor.
\"I hope we have 10 blinds. —
Louise is nominated by Francesca caldreyiz Rimer of the Transplant Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a nurse manager at the Transplant Institute and also
She showed compassion, clinical ability and professional spirit in everything she did.
She is the biggest advocate of all patients, no wonder they will think of her as the greatest person in the world.
Her patient is the one who needs to start dialysis, or who has already started dialysis because of kidney failure.
This can be very scary for many of them.
Louise can provide comfort, expertise and compassion to help guide patients through the complexity of dialysis treatment.
She is also an incredible nurse manager for all her staff.
She was happy to come to work and really listen to the staff and get their voices heard.
Working with Louise is an absolute pleasure and a nurse who provides exceptional care and comfort. —
Beth Israel ess Medical Center is nominated by Jamie David Rimer of the Transplant Institute, and Louise is an incredible nurse manager in our transplant department, even in the most stressful situations, he
Before passing the judgment and evaluation team, she heard the opinions of both sides.
She defended her patients and staff in the most difficult times.
In my previous experience at external facilities, I had good communication with Louise when we needed to work together to take care of patients.
She was one of the reasons I wanted to go to the BIDMC transplant department. —
Shirley Griffin Louise Rimer of the Transplant Institute at Beth Israel\'s Women\'s Medical Center nominated. Three years ago, I first heard of Louise when I was a nurse.
A kidney disease expert called her \"top\" and the patient called her \"one of the best nurses\" they \'ve ever seen \".
I want to know who is Louise that everyone worships?
I have to meet her.
Louise, the visit coordinator and nurse manager at the BIDMC Transplant Institute, had been a facility administrator in the dialysis room long before I worked there.
We have many things in common.
She welcomed me to the Boston area and offered any help to take care of our patients as much as possible.
I feel how focused she is on this challenging group of patients with chronic kidney disease.
One of my patients had a peritoneal catheter that wasn\'t working, so I introduced him to the surgeon.
He went to see the surgeon and Louise and then made an appointment with me.
He was late and didn\'t answer the phone and his wife didn\'t know where he was, so I called Louise and asked him about it.
He saw them and left to see me.
Louise called him all over Boston.
She finally found him in Beth Israel\'s emergency room.
She went to see him and then called my wife and I to keep us updated on his situation.
I thought it was an honor to work for Louise, so I applied and was hired as a transplant coordinator.
I have never had the pleasure of working for such a loser in my 12 years of nursing careerto-
Earth, an individual with compassion and love.
She is great not only for patients but also for the staff she works. —
Nominated by Rumalda paniagualoise Riemer of the Transplant Institute of Beth Israel\'s female pastor Medical Center. I have worked with Louise for the past 25 years.
The kidney failure population she worked with may be particularly challenging as these patients suffer from chronic diseases and (often)
Limited resources.
Louise\'s passion for the best care every patient deserves is contagious.
She raised awareness of the patient dignity and rights of all around her.
She has a far-reaching and positive impact on the clinical team at the Transplant Institute, where her dialysis treatment practice was built.
She works with providers at all levels, but providing quality care to patients is always the driving force behind her actions, choices, and communication. —
Beth Israel pastor Medical Center Beth is nominated by Martha pavrakis Rimer of the Transplant Institute, who is our nurse manager and final nurse
Patients with stage kidney disease who need dialysis.
She is always sympathetic to the nurses and staff she oversees.
She respected the problem and dealt with it calmly and cautiously.
She sees the positive side of every patient she cares about and advocates referring them to a kidney transplant.
She is respected by all nurses, surgeons, transplant access doctors and kidney disease doctors.
She opens her ears to listen to all aspects of the problem, and whatever the conversation is about, she gives very helpful insights. —
Nominated by Brenda redlouise Rimer of the Transplant Institute at Beth Israel deconess Medical Center as the nurse manager at the Transplant Institute, Louise, while managing her own patient burden,
I can\'t specify a particular situation that she claims for the patient because it\'s something she does every day.
She is constantly looking for ways for our team to increase our education while dealing with real problems among employees.
It\'s not surprising that her patients love her.
She made them feel like they were her only patient, just like I always felt like I was her only employee.
Her thoroughness and communication skills are a great asset. —
Nominated by Irene sectonida Samuel, Beth Israel\'s female pastor Medical Center, she started her nursing career in India, where practice and expectations are very different.
She became a registered nurse and after the birth of her first child here, she moved to the United States and BIDMC.
As a patient, she had such a positive experience that she wanted to work for a place that brought so much joy to her.
That was 10 years ago.
Because English is Ida\'s second language, she struggles with the details of how to express things, but she always has goals and has the unique ability to connect with patients.
If she has an intuition about a person, it is likely to be true.
100% of the time, she gave excellent patient care, always loving.
Ida has recently taken care of an old man who has been ill for many years and is usually living alone in a nursing home.
She took special care of him and did all the little things we never thought about.
At his level, she spoke directly to him and caught his attention.
He followed her with his eyes.
What he did without someone else.
So touching, too, Ida.
A few years ago, shortly after Aida\'s mother died, she and her husband moved themselves and two young children back to India in order to have the opportunity to live in the culture they came from and explore their roots.
It has been a year since she made the decision.
Ida continues to return to Boston every few months to work in the medical intensive care unit, support her family and protect the Guangzhou house her children think is at home. —
When you find yourself suffering from cancer, your world stops and is nominated by the Michelle Richardson fusion district nurse, Cancer Center, Beth Israel women\'s pastor Medical Center.
The first is to deny: \"No problem, I have had the flu before, and I will get through this.
Then confused: \"What should I do now ? \"
What does this mean?
Slowly spread after anger: \"Why am I?
I am very young and I have a lot to do in my life.
Worry: \"How about my family, my job and my finances ? \"
\"In my case, there is little they can do but try clinical trials.
When I entered the study of BIDMC, I was scared, confused and very angry.
Two years ago, I met these people on the seventh floor of the infusion center.
I really don\'t like them.
I expect a very clinical, anti-corrosion environment, and that\'s it.
However, the nurses performed well in their work: Many vials of blood, lenses, access to my port were done together effortlessly as a team.
If one is with another patient when my alarm rings and the other seems to have closed it. It was amazing.
But more than that.
We talked about life, expectations, kids, dogs, proms, family issues and college applications --
Not just talking to pass the time, but because we really care.
On the weekend, when these people were out on a trip, I called them and I called them, there was no small problem, the bigger problem was the problem.
They really became my family.
I don\'t think it\'s fair to pick out a nurse, and strangely, I think they will agree.
So I pay tribute to Peggy, Sue, tornia, Melissa, Steve, Juliet, Nelly, and Dr. Bullock.
Now, I have one more worry: What to do when my time here is over. —
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center nominated by the neonatal intensive care unit Paul DiNunzioJenn Schiff our son was born six weeks in advance and due to breathing difficulties he immediately rushed to the BI neonatal intensive care unit even before I grabbed himTwenty-
Nine hours after delivery, I finally stabilized and could be transferred under the same roof as my son.
My husband pushed me to his room and Jenn greeted me with a sweet smile.
The first time I saw my son in the incubator, breathing through the ventilator, emotional excitement.
I asked him if he could touch him from that little hole.
She replied, \"I bet he will love it more if you hold him!
\"At that moment of fear, when she put this little man in my arms, she made me feel comfortable and confident.
Our son has been in the NICU for 30 days and every time we leave, Jenn says, \"he\'s fine.
\"She knew she was holding my heart and taking care of him like she was taking care of herself.
Jenn is working every shift to make sure our son is able to go home and reach his milestones.
She spent hours working with him, learning his hints, teaching him how to eat from the bottle, and then patiently teaching us.
We walked into his room and heard her talking to him.
Working in the NICU requires a special person.
Some people may say \"this is her job\", but how lucky we are that she has found her true mission in her life. —
Michele, nominated by Danielle nicomicelli strasnik, who has many years of experience and clinical expertise, is a popular candidate for Beth Israel\'s female priest Medical Center
Provide care for doctors, nurses and patients.
She challenged the criteria with critical, creative thinking;
When others are deadlocked, they often seek innovative solutions from her.
She embodies compassionate care and it is encouraging to watch her interact with the patient, who all adore her patience, knowledge and sense of humor.
She can bring a smile to anyone in the toughest times, and BIDMC is lucky to have her. —
Nominated by Jessica MeansTess Vreeland, Beth Israel ess Medical Center, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia and was hospitalized for nearly four months before her recent death.
It is difficult to find a nurse in the extraordinary team of Feldberg 7 who takes care of her with such consistent skills and kindness in her struggle with cancer.
But Tess left an indelible mark on my family.
In every action, big or small, Tess treated my mother with sensitivity, deep understanding and incredible ability.
She never let the medical necessities get in the way of us treating us first as mothers and daughters.
She took the time to answer all of our questions, and when it was most needed, she gave a comforting smile.
A large part of her work, Tess said, is to be a good listener and observer so that she can defend the patient.
The more she knows about them, the more she can take care of them.
While her work required her to be vigilant about medical changes, Tess did a great job of simply interpreting my mother as a unique person.
She will soon be able to see what her mother needs to feel safe and secure, and let others remember how comforting it will be --and ask about—
Details of her life outside of her illness.
Tess answered my anxious phone patiently in the middle of the night.
When I cry again and again, she holds my hand and my eyes.
Intuition, compassion, superb nursing skills
These are the outstanding features of Tess\'s profession.
I will never forget her extraordinary gift to my mom and family. —
Nomination by Sarah portdiane Wolf
Thomas, Beth Israel female doctor Medical Center, I was hospitalized for a week of strict chemotherapy, followed by a stem cell transplant and two weeks of recovery.
During that time, I met many excellent nurses.
My transplant needs to isolate bacteria.
Free environment.
Diane gave me the best care.
Explain and carefully balance my medications, prepare for my side effects and also help me manage them.
I really appreciate her helping me understand the process I\'m going through: nausea, hair loss, the odd taste of the food and the many unusual physical sensations I \'ve experienced.
There are a lot of long and lonely repetitive processes like connecting and unplugging the venous catheter, cleaning them up and starting the whole process.
Through all this Diane made me no longer alone and made me feel well taken carefor. —
Nominated by Kevin kudebuck Diane Wolf
Thomas, Beth Israel female doctor medical center I have been in the bone marrow transplant department for the last five weeks and Diane has been my junior nurse and has gone through this difficult and stressful process.
There are no more compassionate and skilled nurses than this.
She was with me all the time and supported me through the pain and encouraged me when I felt I could not continue.
She is very skilled and calm, always anticipating my needs and the source of stability and confidence that makes me feel like I can really do it.
Her mantra is \"one day at a time, Bob \".
Once I feel better, on the way to recovery, she will sit with me and tell me what will happen next and how to plan.
She is what I need!
She has been doing this for many other people in the BMT department for many years and will continue to do so.
I am happy to know that other transplant patients will receive her care and competent support. —
Nominated Bob MalsbergerLaura Zuccaro, chief medical CenterAs, Beth Israel Deaconess
Time Beth Israeli social worker, I would like to pay tribute to Laura for her special care for a good friend (“L”)
On the Farr 10 transplant
I am a very strong, hard-working person. working 52-year-
The old husband and father before a rare situation caused him to die.
The pain worsened even more when his wife and young children were refused a visa to come to him from South America.
As a primary nurse in the transplant ward and a long-term nurse in the intensive care unit, Laura\'s role is crucial.
After months of painful surgery and uncertainty about his survival, I was scarred and weak.
Laura recognizes his need for hope and dignity and responds in a capacity, coordination, and optimistic but realistic manner --based optimism.
They became close partners for his recovery.
Laura takes L\'s concerns seriously and defends him with other suppliers.
She celebrated big and small victories with him, and when he was finally allowed to eat again, she brought his favorite food.
She held special events with her colleagues, such as \"tropical day\", wearing grass skirts and performing songs for patients.
Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, I was appointed \"judge\" of the event to pick a nurse for the \"Best Costume.
He granted Laura, of course.
Unfortunately, later in the spring of last year, we learned that the destruction of the L organ was repeated.
Laura was sad with us while continuing to care for me with the greatest compassion and listening to his talk of his fears.
After his death, Laura attended the funeral with many of her colleagues and was saddened with us.
Her role in L is extraordinary, very meaningful and will never be forgotten. —
Nominated by Sandra Brown of Nina Douglas Beverly Hospital for oncology at Beverly Hospital Sandra Brown to guide me through every step of getting the drug to help treat my metastatic prostate cancer at a reasonable cost, and continue to monitor me when I have adverse reactions to the drug
Then she changed a medicine for me.
At a reasonable cost.
I am taking it now and have no bad side effects.
She continues to monitor my health and she can always find me if I have any questions or need help. —
Nominated by David LustgartenJannell Foster and staff nurse, Jannell, nurse manager at Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital, and her staff, they have always shown extraordinary
When a patient is also struggling with drug addiction, our nursing colleagues are our best resource to ensure that we treat the whole patient based on their personal social history, this has an undervalued effect on the issues we are dealing.
As resident, we were trained in internal medicine;
We are used to diagnosis and treatment.
We believe that nurses are real therapists.
We are honored to work with nurses with such great clinical skills and sympathize with fellow human beings.
Our nursing colleagues stand on the front line and take care of patients who are at great risk in particularly complex situations.
They keep calm in difficult situations and defend the patient.
They won the trust of the patients and expressed their views to us.
An important part of treating the entire patient.
On behalf of the resident doctors at Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospital, we thank Jannell, her team and all of our nursing colleagues. —
Nominated by Mredula Mannan on behalf of Beverly and Dr. Addison Gilbert Hospital, the wounds and hyperbaric oxygen at Beverly Hospital are very sympathetic and Margaret takes care of one of our women with a history of breast and non-breast cancer
Wound healing after radiation
Under her care, the patient is always dignified. —
The Boston Children\'s Hospital, Cheleste ThorprBoston Children\'s Hospital, nominated Archambault, who will never forget the day I met Lindsay.
She walked into my room with the Royal Queen\'s wave and told me that since she had dropped her wave, she was the Queen . . . . . . But I can be a princess.
I think it\'s a bit hysterical because my name means \"queen \".
Lindsay immediately understood how I felt sad and scared due to my leukemia diagnosis.
Lindsay learned about this and shared her own health story, which included how I feel now.
Lindsay is often my night shift nurse and she responds quickly with a caring attitude that makes me feel better physically and emotionally.
Lindsay used humor to form a special bond with me, and even brought me a headdress before leaving the hospital. —
Nominated by Reina mercadoletta Arsenault, Boston Children\'s Hospital is now the nurse manager for our surgical services, after being the model team leader for our extremely busy plastic surgery services.
Not only does she have a lot of respect for her clinical expertise, but her tireless advocacy for the best patient care and the overall health of her staff, both doctors and nurses.
She represents the best thing that makes us proud to work at BCH. —
The Boston Children\'s Hospital, nominated by Michael milimania Benoit, is basically what every doctor, nurse, nursing assistant and administrator wants among nurses.
She really did everything.
She is of no help to everything we need.
She will make every effort to ensure that the patient\'s family is fully aware of the care their children receive and how to perform the necessary duties at home.
Maria is really great.
I appreciate being able to work with such smart and fun people at the same time. —
The Boston Children\'s Hospital is nominated by Bethsy RomelusKathleen Carr to provide treatment for children with malnutrition and feeding disorders.
Parents are unable to raise children who refuse to eat, which is very stressful for families.
Catherine treats each child with compassion, expertise and ability to ensure that their needs are met, even if she can help with administrative tasks.
Her colleagues are very grateful for her Cooperative Care.
She recently received her doctorate in nursing practice and studied how to improve and standardize teaching for patients who need to learn how to use feeding tubes.
She is committed not only to improving care for every child she sees, but also to all children and families who experience pediatric feeding disorders challenges and stress. —
Nominated by Susanna HuhRyan Delpero, Boston Children\'s Hospital, my son spent 14 days in the intensive care unit, where he received life support and a ventilator for 7 days.
Ryan was one of his first nurses.
Ryan always perfectly combines knowledge, compassion, and the need for excellence.
As a parent, he is always willing to listen to our concerns and thoughts and educate us about the process there so that we can be more satisfied with what is happening.
Ryan was never afraid to challenge the status quo in many areas that led to my son\'s success during this incredible emotional period.
Ryan worked tirelessly with all members of the medical team to find the best solution for his patients.
He always takes the best interests of my son and all his patients to heart and always defends them, but always does the necessary things, even if my son is challenging.
Ryan has established a relationship with my son and has made connections at his level to get him to trust Ryan and get to 6-year-old.
Nurses like Ryan make BCH the best in the class. —
Nominated by Joe HalpernLarissa Demers, Boston Children\'s Hospital is responsible for taking care of our daughter, who was born for 25 weeks and weighs just over a pound.
The past year has been a whirlwind with long, tiring and terrible days.
In those days, Lisa was a highlight.
We know that we can breathe a little easier as long as our daughter is under her care.
We see lar every day defending her little patient.
She takes the feedback from her parents very seriously and knows when to put pressure on a doctor for a specific test or treatment.
In addition to being an excellent caregiver, lar SA is also an excellent teacher.
She showed us how to take care of a tiny life with so many tubes and wires that it often feels like sci-fi movie.
Provide care such as diaper replacement, temperature check, etc.
In those early days, when we felt helpless, we gave us a sense of accomplishment.
She explained every procedure in terms we could understand and patiently answered our questions, even if we asked the same question 15 times a day.
No matter when we call during the day, we receive a thorough report.
I appreciate the truth of lar SA.
Nothing is sugar.
She can explain procedures and risks in a real way without scaring us.
We feel educated, empowered, and never blinded by the complications that arise.
The nurse worked in a tight environment for a long time.
No matter how busy her shift is, Lisa always greets us with a smile and gives us peace of mind.
Several times, I watched her with her broken baby.
In all the chaos, she is the calm that everyone turns
Including parents, nurses and doctors. —
Nominated by Caitlin DeFeoDrue DeNeefe, Boston Children\'s Hospital, he has forgotten how many weeks we spent in the hospital in the past year.
Our suitcase has never been unpacked.
In exhaustion, the best thing is to hear the Drue quiet when the nurse checks the pump and ID belt in the morning.
Drue filled the room with kindness and truth and let us put down all the walls that were trying to put up.
We can laugh at our daughter\'s hard times.
Drue never judged us.
She let us live with our daughter when we need to go out.
She would comfort us in the hallway if she could.
There is no reason to hide tears from Drue, who knows when I need a hug, when I need to walk around the floor, or she will send me to something to eat.
We have a tacit understanding.
Our daughter has a series of medical problems, but as a adoptee, she also has a lot of mental struggles in the past.
Our daughter is not always the easiest patient, and I believe many nurses are grateful for the shift on some days.
But our daughter could feel Drew\'s sympathy, and she was always disappointed when she woke up to see another nurse in the room.
So far, Drue is her favorite.
When we are exhausted, stressed, tearful and wondering how much more we can afford, Druid will appear and encourage us with her infectious smile. —
Nominated by Kristine McMillanAshley Doherty, Boston Children\'s Hospital, my son spent four months at BCH on a liver transplant in May 2017.
When we came back in January to change the medicine, he and Ashley ran around in the hallway.
Ashley found out he had a problem in less than four hours.
He then asked her to shift over the next month.
She showed him how much he loved him and she looked at him to make sure he was well looked after --for.
She also helped the doctor notice his silent seizure.
She is amazing. he likes her very much. —
The Boston Children\'s Hospital was nominated by Jesse McLoughlin Emily Gallagher, one of the best nurses I \'ve ever had.
She made me laugh when I didn\'t want to, when I was tired of the hospital food, she took me to the cafeteria, when my family tried to find a way to take care of the university, they gave the best advice.
One of my favorite moments is when the hospital is very quiet on weekends.
My goal is to complete a puzzle before leaving the hospital.
Every time she has free time, Emily will come in and help me.
She makes admission less lonely and boring, which can sometimes be better than medical things. —
Nominated by Sara bergey Gennis, Boston Children\'s Hospital cardiac intensive care unit, she has been a loyal and experienced nurse in the heart ICU for 20 years.
She is often asked to serve a passing child, which is emotionally difficult for her.
Her compassion is obvious because she is in touch with many parents who understand this.
Not only does she work in the hospital, she also takes care of her sick father and family and goes to school in [buve]
School of Health Sciences
At Northeastern University—
Caroline lamposisi Griffin of Boston Children\'s Hospital nominated our 3-year-
When he was diagnosed with leukemia.
Her sweet and gentle spirit calmed us all in times of extreme pain.
She is the light that brings hope to our family in the dark.
We learned later that Stacey was also suffering from trauma.
However, you will not know because she still manages to spread happiness to all those who are fortunate enough to be with her on the sixth floor of BCH. —
Boston Children\'s Hospital nurse Rhonda, nominated by Sarah shraugerrgropman, brings her experience and medical knowledge to countless children in crisis, as well as to her mother
From knee surgery to fracture to internal surgery and allergies.
Many parents expressed their gratitude to Ronda for his kindness to their children.
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