Respond to the national policy to do a good job in the reform and innovation of laser equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-09-11
Although through continuous efforts, my country’s laser cutting equipment industry has achieved great development, but more than 70% of my country’s high-power laser cutting machines are imported equipment, especially for the high-power laser cutting machines urgently needed by the shipbuilding industry, the laser generator is The key factors that determine the performance, function, processing speed and cost of laser cutting machines, and foreign countries still impose restrictions on my country so far, which have become a bottleneck restricting the development of high-power laser cutting machines in my country.   In order to accelerate the development of the laser cutting technology industry, the state has issued a series of policies, including the State Council’s approval of the implementation of the 'Equipment Manufacturing Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan' to regulate the laser equipment market, creating a favorable environment for my country’s laser cutting machine manufacturing industry. The plan clearly states: adhere to the combination of equipment autonomy and key construction projects, adhere to the combination of independent development and introduction, digestion and absorption, adhere to the basic principle of combining the development of the complete machine with the improvement of the basic supporting level, and improve the market for basic supporting parts such as laser equipment Occupancy rate is an important part of implementing equipment autonomy.  In order to increase the market share of domestic laser cutting machines, Wuhan High Energy Laser actively responded to the national guidelines and increased Ru0026D and innovation of laser cutting machines to stabilize Wuhan High Energy Laser's market share. Increase the promotion and sales of fiber laser cutting machines, and strive to realize the transformation of laser cutting machine products from low-end to high-end, from primary product processing to high-precision product manufacturing as soon as possible.
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