Reliability analysis of high-power semiconductor lasers

by:Caodahai     2021-09-16
High-power semiconductor lasers can be used to pump solid-state/fiber lasers, and can also be directly used for material processing such as welding, cutting, surface treatment, etc. Semiconductor pumped solid/fiber lasers are widely used in industry, military, medical, etc. With the improvement of semiconductor laser output power, conversion efficiency, reliability and manufacturing process and the reduction of cost, many new applications become possible. In practical applications, the reliability of semiconductor lasers is a decisive factor. As the power of semiconductor lasers increases, the reliability will gradually decrease. How to ensure high power output and high reliability at the same time has become a concern of the industry. The technology to improve the reliability of high-power semiconductor lasers has become a bottleneck for the industrialization of lasers and the expansion of the application market. This article introduces the factors that affect the reliability of high-power semiconductor lasers, analyzes and discusses various factors, and proposes strategies and methods to improve reliability.   With the continuous development of semiconductor lasers to high power, the temperature of the active region of the device (referred to as the junction temperature) has also continued to increase, which has become an important factor limiting the performance stability of semiconductor lasers. The increase in junction temperature will increase the threshold current, decrease the slope efficiency, decrease the output power and shorten the lifespan. In order to improve the reliability of the device, the influence of junction temperature must be resolved.  The junction temperature of the device is mainly determined by the thermal resistance and the temperature of the heat sink. The temperature of the heat sink is determined by the conditions of use, and the thermal resistance becomes the key factor affecting the junction temperature. (The above is edited and compiled by the laser cutting machine from the Internet, please indicate the source for reprinting again!)
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