Quilt making is a fine art which if learnt and

by:Caodahai     2020-06-27
Quilt making is learnt at a basic level such that it could be woven in home. For commercial purposes machine weaving might be mastered at an advanced level. To get started it is advisable to learn this art in its basic form. Certain well directed steps are to be followed in sequence to learn quilt making. Ideas for Designing a Quilt - You must have a clear idea about the purpose of the quilt being made. A quilt is designed according to its use: a wall hanging, bed quilt, rug, or pillow cover. A wall hanging quilt should be visually appealing as compared to a bed quilt. Bed quilt for a baby's room should ideally be of a cool blue shade or warm yellow shade. Quilt styling that involves selecting among embroidery, patchwork, or applique is another vital aspect in its designing. Patchwork styled quilt is the simplest with small fabric pieces joined together. These patches might be joined in order or in abstract pattern. Though it is the most elementary of designs, even experienced quilt makers choose this style. After having mastered the art of patchwork, applique might be attempted. This is a specialized pattern involving stitching of cut out fabrics upon fabrics. Both patchwork and applique might be complemented with embroidery in designing a quilt. For embroidery work coloured threads, metallic threads, silk, cotton, and embroidery floss are used. Designs in embroidery are most painstaking and done by master weavers. The most remarkable quilt designs are in embroidery and are often kept as heirlooms within a family. Choosing fabric and colour of lining - After having decided on the quilt pattern or style the proper fabric is to be chosen. Apart from the material, colour of fabric is also important. Warm shades like yellow, orange, red and purple represent action and alertness, while shades in green and blue indicate calmness and tranquillity. If the quilt is meant as a wall hanging a bright shade would be preferable, while for bedrooms a cool colour is better. Whatever the colour, the material must be colourfast. Before using it is to be washed to run colours if any. The fabric used for making quilt should neither be too light nor too heavy. Light materials like organza are too loose to weave a quilt and the end-product is feeble. Contrarily, heavy fabrics like canvas and denim are too tough to sew a quilt. Ideally colour fast cotton should be used in making quilts. Designing and Cutting of Templates - After selecting your design and fabric it is necessary to have templates patterned. For regular patterns like squares or triangles a rotary cutter would serve the purpose. However for more complicated forms in patchwork or applique use of templates makes the task convenient. Subsequently, marking your fabric, assembly, and sewing are the steps that follow in order to get your quilt completed.
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