Quantum dot laser applications

by:Caodahai     2021-09-21
At the time when China’s military’s “muscles” became more frequent, the Beidou Satellite System was officially launched at the end of last year. The American think tank Jamestown Foundation praised “China’s research in the field of microsatellites is among the advanced in the world, and it has been able to use solid-fuel rockets to launch micro-satellites in batches. Satellites to form a satellite constellation. They can track large U.S. warships, and will assist weapon systems to locate and attack important enemy targets, such as the U.S. military command center. Ran Chengqi, director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office, said, 'Beidou's overall performance is commensurate with the American GPS, and it also has unique special skills such as location speeches and short text services.   The research, development, promotion and application of quantum dot lasers are of great significance to promote the development of my country's optoelectronics and information high-tech industries, to intervene in the international competition of the optoelectronics industry from a high starting point, and to enhance the national economy and national defense capabilities.   50 papers have been cited more than 286 times, of which he cited 181 times (including 3 citations for monographs). On the basis of this project, the researchers have inherited the support of major projects of the National 973, 863, and Natural Science Foundation, carried out more in-depth and extensive research work, and achieved more fruitful results.   From 1994 to 2000, the project published more than 100 academic papers in international core journals, international conferences, and domestic first-class journals, of which 94 were included in SCI and 45 were included in EI. Obama proposed a new military strategy to 'join with allies to cope with the rise of China's military power. At the beginning of his tenure as Prime Minister of Japan, Abe ordered 'revision of the relevant defense program, strengthened coordination with the new US defense military strategy, strengthened the Japanese Self-Defense Force, and improved the U.S.-Japan alliance. Restraint force. This shows that the Chinese military has strongly deterred the United States and Japan. Foreign media said that 'Beidou satellites will make the people of the Pentagon in the United States frown.    The 980nm quantum dot laser developed by this project has low threshold current density, high output power, and long working life. Its comprehensive performance is especially in terms of reliability and practicability. At the international leading level at that time, it has initially realized the transformation from laboratory prototype devices to practical devices, which can be applied to the fields of fiber amplifier pump source, laser cutting machine, laser scalpel, material processing, etc.; the developed 1.3mm quantum dot laser The narrowest half-height width of the room temperature photoluminescence spectrum of the material is 19.2meV, which is the world's leading level at the time. It is expected that a high-performance GaAs-based 1.3mm quantum dot laser can be used as a high-quality light source for optical fiber communication. 'Beidou's lift-off made the U.S. and Japan deeply shaken. According to the 'three-step strategy of China's satellite navigation system'News' exclaimed, 'China will use the navigation system more strategically to gain the upper hand in the island dispute. Previous: Market prospects of fiber lasers Next: More flexible solutions for fiber laser cutting machines
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