Principle analysis of laser cutting machine using pulse perforation

by:Caodahai     2021-08-30
Generally, when using a laser cutting machine to process, in order to ensure a better cutting effect and cut, pulse perforation is a more commonly used technique. Maybe you don't know the concept of pulse perforation very well, let's give you a brief introduction.   Pulse perforation is the use of lasers to generate high-performance pulse wavelengths, perforate the surface of the workpiece, and quickly perform multiple continuous cutting transitions, so that the laser frequency of the laser cutting machine is normal. This working method is based on the principle of laser cutting using pulse perforation. According to this cutting mode, the main way to change is the pulse width and frequency to achieve a common processing effect. As a cutting technology, laser cutting is formed through repeated perforation patterns, and then formed according to the alignment movement of the platform. For the laser cutting machine without stamping device, the processing effect of the cutting gap is as follows;    pulse perforation uses a high-power pulsed laser to instantaneously melt and vaporize the processed material, in order to affect the material The processing range is controlled. Therefore, during processing, the hole will not be diffused, the oxygen pressure during cutting is guaranteed, and the jet generated by each laser is gradually deepened, so that whether it is thick material or soft Sexual materials only need a short processing process. For general CO2 lasers, there will be an adaptive performance test. This pulsed perforation gas path control system method is widely used in it, so it has achieved today’s The scene of CO2 laser cutting machine processing metal and non-metal materials.
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