Price forecast of fiber laser cutting machine in 2014

by:Caodahai     2021-08-23
Since 2008, my country’s fiber laser cutting machine market has developed rapidly, and the market share has increased between 4%~10%. The market share of imported laser cutting machine brands is 10% or even higher, while domestic research and development The main consumer groups of fiber laser cutting machines are concentrated in the low-end processing market. Under the influence of many macroeconomic factors such as rising raw materials and rising labor costs, the operating burden of laser cutting machine companies is increasing, and low-cost competition no longer has the advantage, but because my country’s fiber laser technology still exists compared with the international advanced level There is a big gap, so the low-price competition of fiber laser cutting machines in my country will continue. In the past five years, domestic fiber laser cutting machines have made great progress in overall machine design and key components, and new breakthroughs have been made in laser output power. However, in the high-power and high-end equipment markets, my country’s laser cutting equipment has not yet Be competitive. At present, the maximum power of domestic fiber laser cutting machine is 2000W, but the technology is not mature enough, and the performance is not stable enough. Some manufacturers are even in the debugging stage. Without technical and quality advantages, domestic laser cutting equipment can only gain market share at low prices. It is estimated that the price of fiber laser cutting machines will not increase in 2014.   The domestic vicious competition has compressed the profit space of enterprises and reduced the investment of enterprises in product improvement and technological innovation, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. In the next few years, with the implementation of national favorable policies and the improvement of the industry's technical level, my country's laser cutting machine industry is bound to have greater development. The combination of laser technology and many emerging disciplines has improved the independent innovation capability of the laser cutting machine industry, adapted to the development trend of globalization, and formed a new economic growth point. By then, the domestic fiber laser cutting machine will get rid of the low-cost competition, so Wuhan High Energy Laser here advises the majority of customers who need laser cutting machines to seize the current low-cost opportunities and buy their own fiber laser cutting machines. The official website of Wuhan High Energy Laser Cutting Machine Sales: http://www.gnlaser.com/
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