Plastic surgeons and tattoo removalists call for more regulation of the laser tattoo removal industry

by:Caodahai     2020-03-11
Jessica underwent six laser surgeries at an unreliable clinic and then went to think about four more laser clinics.
Since then, she has had to remove the tattoo through surgery.
This photo was taken after her third laser treatment.
Source: supliedjessica * 19 years old, with two black claws tattooed on her chest.
Now, she has changed her mind at the age of 25 and wants them to be deleted.
Earlier this year, she visited a popular national laser clinic chain and was told that after 10 treatments, the price per session was $125, and the removal would be a \"simple one\"
After six treatments, she was unhappy with her progress and was told to book the remaining treatments at a nearby clinic because they had a \"higher intensity laser \".
\"I think, \'This is nothing.
\"I was told two different things from two different stories,\" Jessica told the news . \". com. au.
She took her business to the competitors and again considered the Laser Clinic in neissey, Sydney, because of the four treatments she had left, but the two claws could not be removed.
The damage has been caused.
\"The tattoo has faded but looks terrible,\" Jessica said . \".
\"Most people go in with a beautiful black tattoo.
It fades and fades evenly while my skin and tattoos have pieces.
\"I have a semi-visible, semi-lump, raised tattoo on my breast, which is the most vulnerable part of your body.
I don\'t wear a bikini or anything that reveals the cleavage.
\"It\'s not attractive.
\"It\'s just frustrating,\" she said . \".
Jess was thinking about the tattoo before she started treatment again and she tried to fix her skin but the damage had already happened.
Source: According to 2012 of the National Health and Medical Research Council, one of the seven Australians has a tattoo.
More than one Australian regretted the signing of the agreement, of which one of seven was considering delisting.
There is growing concern about Australia\'s largely unregulated laser tattoo removal industry, where plastic surgeons and laser workers use cheap machines to warn \"cunning\" clinics.
These machines are usually operated by poor technicians who can permanently disfigure patients and pay thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery.
Sydney plastic surgeon Rohit Kumar said he now does at least two surgeries per month related to tattoo removal.
\"Any surgery to remove a tattoo will definitely leave you a scar, which is not necessarily better than an unreliable laser removal,\" Dr. Kumar told news . \". com. au.
\"They will still be disfigured compared to what they were originally looking like.
Dr. Kumar said that tattoo removal by laser by qualified technicians is always the ideal result.
Most of his clients come from the \"think again\" laser clinic and when they can\'t do anything, they recommend patients to Dr. Kumar.
\"Every day we see the horror stories of patients caused by unreliable laser removal sites.
The organization is incomplete and scarred.
Mike Anderson, owner of the use FDAapproved Q-
Change the machine in his clinic.
\"The public is used to hearing the sound of the laser --
Laser hair removal is now common-
They always have the wrong impression that they are safe.
Good laser in bad hands is too dangerous.
Most people need 6-
According to the size and style of the tattoo, 15 laser treatments were performed.
Mr. Anderson charges $270 per session, usually 15 cm by 10 cm.
One sleeve costs between $1000 and $1500 a quarter.
The laser removal clinic is a profitable business and the news is spreading.
\"I see a new clinic in Sydney every week and they are not all equipped with the right technology,\" Mr Anderson said . \".
\"These people are still charging for the same price and they are getting away with it.
They make a lot of money and are always at the expense of people\'s skin.
They have caught up with the trend because you can make a lot of money by doing so.
Singer Eve is known for his signature claw tattoo.
Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez.
Source: Getty ImagesLaser tattoo removal works by producing heat that destroys the pigment in the tattoo.
There are two kinds of laser machines: Q-
As an industry standard, the cost is about $150,000 for switching machines and intense pulse light (IPL)
The cost of the laser is between $10,000 and $15,000.
The IPL laser machine is usually sold as a general purpose machine but is not suitable for tattoo removal.
If it is not applied correctly, the heat generated by the laser can damage the skin and cause burns, resulting in more severe scars from the original tattoo, said Dr. Jeremy Hunt, spokesman for the Australian Association of Plastic Surgeons.
\"The only solution is to remove it surgically.
\"This may involve skin grafting, which can lead to serious scars,\" Hunt told the news . \". com. au.
Dr. Kumar said he had to perform several unpleasant surgeries on patients whose laser tattoo removal failed.
\"I recently saw a woman with a tattoo on her arm.
She tried to remove it three times [
Use cunning laser]
She left a piece of tissue and scars.
I had to bring her into the theater and I cut off the whole tattoo.
\"The skin was cut off and stitched together again,\" he said . \".
\"But a larger tattoo may require local flap surgery or skin grafting --
This is where you borrow paper towels from another place.
\"The other lady I saw injected a substance under the skin to try to get rid of the tattoo, but as a result there was an ulcer left on the skin.
\"The woman injected acid under her skin to remove the tattoo.
Source: different supplier supervision in laser treatment industry all over the country
Only Queensland, tazhou and Western Australia have some rules.
In new state and Victoria, anyone can buy cheap laser machines online, take a weekend crash course and claim to be a \"qualified\" laser technician.
\"Under the Public Health Act 2010 and the public health regulations 2012, the laser procedure, including the procedure used to remove tattoos, is not regulated because they do not have the risk of spreading the disease from the customer to the customer, A new state health spokesman told the news. com. au.
However, the new state health department is currently reviewing the regulation of cosmetic surgery and private health facilities. News. com.
The AU understands that it will wait until the results of the Australian Medical Commission\'s review of the largely unregulated billion-dollar cosmetic surgery industry are announced in January 2016.
This lack of regulation means that more and more patients with failed laser tattoo removal are forced to remove tattoos through surgery, which is the last resort.
The process could cost thousands of dollars, most of which are not included in Medicare or private health funds.
Jessica has now been removed from her two paw tattoos by Dr. Kumar\'s surgery.
The ink cannot be removed at one time, so another operation will take place within six weeks.
The whole move cost her $3500.
Jessica said: \"There are more stitches and more pain . \"
* Last name is omitted from privacy reissue. rebecca. sullivan@news. com.
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