Personalized DIY Apple's new iPad can be laser engraved for free

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
As a tablet with an ultra-high-definition screen, Apple can be said to have a milestone significance in the industry. Its screen that surpasses the high-definition level of digital TVs is enough to be exciting just thinking about it. Unfortunately, this tablet has been late since its release. It has not been listed in the country. Of course, this is directly related to the Proview trademark case that has lasted for nearly half a year. But now this embarrassing lawsuit has finally ended with a settlement fee of 60 million US dollars, as the dust settled on the trademark case, Apple did not keep us waiting any longer. On the evening of July 14th, the official website of Apple Mainland updated the information of the new iPad. This tablet that we love and hate. After 116 days of painful waiting, we also got the information it will be released on July 20, Beijing time. The news of the official listing on Japan.   Apple’s new iPad provides free laser engraving service    This step is a custom engraving configuration for Apple’s new iPad. Apple will provide laser engraving service for the new iPad. Like iPod playback, users can choose free personalized laser engraving. To achieve this operation, you only need to enter the content into the two tabs of the screen. After entering, click on the right side to add engraving. Of course, if you don’t like engraving, just click Continue. (The above laser cutting machine is edited and compiled from the Internet. For details, please refer to www.gnlaser.com)
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