on the tiles: go for baroque

by:Caodahai     2020-04-29
On the latest walls and floors, gorgeous in line with minimalism.
Glass splashes dead.
\"They are gone,\" says Justin Van niep of Richmond City edge ceramics . \".
Their location is tiles, tiles and more.
The latest is the fabric, wallpaper, wood, aging French plaster, stone, concrete and even a beautiful replica of the glass ironically.
Mr. Van Nierop likes to use matching tiles on kitchen floors and splash-proof boards.
\"It makes the kitchen look like it\'s floating,\" he said . \".
\"We cut the tiles into a smaller format to increase the intensity of the splash.
\"Deconstructing minimalism\" is the way he describes the trend of the smallest floor bathroom, where the walls are more gorgeous in Baroque style
Pattern tiles that look like wallpaper or fabric.
The first impression is crucial, so the floor is 600
Square stones or tiles will be combined with the pattern
Tile panel facing the door.
Depending on the space and the light, this pattern may continue around the wall or match something simpler.
\"We mainly use large-
Mr. Van nielop said his passion for the tiles was contagious.
He likes quality, so most of his stock comes from Europe.
\"The old idea of small rooms, small tiles has gone out of the window.
Tiles must go from floor to ceiling.
It is acceptable to have no paint surface.
\"We are going to go into town on the wall, but there are still very few items like the bathroom, basin and dresser.
\"What he likes most is the tiles that look like old French plaster, with a high calcium content and are already wet --
Ran to the ground.
The finishes of other tiles are similar to those of Spanish Leather, lead and cement.
500 per square meter, about $120 per square meter;
330 by 660 costs $85 per square meter plus installation.
The tiles are laser cut for clean edges, the grout should match the tiles and be 1.
5mm thick.
Mr. Van nielop said
The tiles are huge in Europe, where the flooring wood is rare and expensive. He did a beach-
House kitchen with floor and walnut splash-
Color Wood
Green tiles
Brown cabinets and benches.
Wholesale wood import
Look at the length and color of the tiles from dark Japanese
From black to light stone gray.
To believe that they are not wood, you must touch them.
Unlike wood, they do not need to be sealed or treated, but water and UV rays
Proof, termite, bacteria, slip and scratch
It is resistant to under-floor heating and can be used.
It ranges from $90 to $150 per square meter.
Richard UPP, director, said most of the company\'s tiles were produced by the Spanish company Porcelanosa.
The tiles are usually more dense than ceramic, and they have impact and scratches, he said. resistant.
And, with tiles, you can get what you pay.
They sell tiles that look like stainless steel.
Steel bars and colors that can be interspersed in panels-
For a neat finish, match the perfils or edge of the tile.
Others look like bronze, anthracite coal or silver, limestone, print, patterned fabric, stitched leather and concrete. Pre-
Cutting the rectangular mosaic into a square with only grouting saves a lot of labor and material.
Andrew Gordon, manager of Victorian times, said border tiles were made from functional panels.
In Ruguang glass or natural materials, Mosaic is bolder than ever before.
Peter Harry Di and Chris Simpson from Richmond decorative tiles specialize in featured wall and decorative products.
They have real copper, coconut and laminated bamboo, stone and marble mosaics.
Bamboo has 100-
Mm by 15-
Millimeter rectangle stacked up and down the wall, 300-millimetre-
Square paper in dark, medium and natural bamboo tones and random mini block sizes.
It is sealed with finish and is moisture-proof after completion with standard grouting.
Coconut mosaic 400-millimetre-
Square sheets for splash-proof boards and functional panels.
Bamboo is about $350 per square meter, plus the installation, coconut is about $500 per square meter.
Leading tile retailers offer these products.
UPP Brothers stock investor, 9348 9996
Urban Edge ceramics, 9429 2122.
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