Obama's State of the Union address supports 3D printing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-09
According to foreign media reports, US President Barack Obama emphasized the importance of 3D printing technology in his State of the Union speech last Tuesday, which will promote the development of the 3D printing industry.  3D printing is what people often call additive manufacturing, which is an advanced manufacturing and design process that uses digital files to produce 3D physical objects through a 3D printer. At present, the companies participating in this rapidly growing industry are only a few listed companies. According to market standards, these companies are not large in scale. For example, 3D Systems, located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, had Annual revenue was US$322 million, and the company's market value was US$3.74 billion. Another company, Stratasys, Ltd., located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, had revenue of US$188 million during the same period and the company's market value was US$2.9 billion. The market value of ExOne Co., which went public not long ago, was only 358 million U.S. dollars, and the market value of another company, Proto Labs, Inc., was 1.28 billion U.S. dollars.   Before President Obama gave his State of the Union speech and emphasized the importance of the 3D printing industry, the stock prices of these companies had already risen sharply. Last year, the share price of 3D Systems increased by 224% cumulatively, and it increased by 4% last Wednesday alone, and the enthusiasm of investors for investment remains unabated. Jack of the financial website Insider Monkey? Mann (Jake Mann) pointed out: Although this technology has appeared for more than 20 years, investors' enthusiasm for investment has only now been greatly mobilized. 'The main reason is the availability and affordability of 3D printing products. Take the 3D home printer Cube as an example. The starting price of this printer is $1,300, which can turn your ideas into real objects. Stratasys' stock market performed even better, with a cumulative increase of 540% last year, and the stock price of ExOne, which was listed on the Nasdaq stock market not long ago, also rose by 47%, becoming one of the better performing IPO stocks this year. .  Because the actual product is manufactured through digital input, in some cases industrial grade materials such as metal, ceramics and glass can also be used, so 3D printing technology saves the time and cost required for the design of new products. 3D Systems, which pays more and more attention to this consumer market, is a member of the recently established National Institute of Additive Manufacturing Innovation (NAMII) in Youngstown, Ohio, USA. The company’s software is used to design, communicate, and manufacture prototype products. As well as the production of functional components and products, thereby enhancing the confidence of users in innovation.  NAMII is composed of members from industry, academia, government, and labor development resources. It is a public-private partnership that aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Edward the director of NAMII? Edward A. Morris said: NAMII is exploring ways to transform the US manufacturing industry into a dominant force in the global economy. u0026rdquo;  NAMII’s current members include companies such as 3D System, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, GE Global Research and Allegheny Technologies, as well as Case Western Reserve University, Lehigh University, University of Texas at Austin, and Youngstown State University Wait for colleges and universities. The goal of all members is to transform 3D printing technology into mainstream manufacturing technology in the United States. General Electric has plans to use this technology to produce lightweight aircraft components.   In his State of the Union address, President Obama pointed out that 3D printing and the importance of this technology: After more than 10 years of continuous decline in employment, the number of employees in the manufacturing industry has increased by 500,000 in the past three years. All we can do now is celebrate this trend. Last year, we established our first manufacturing innovation center in Youngstown, Ohio. A warehouse that was once closed has now become a first-class laboratory. Many newcomers are developing 3D printing technology here. 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we manufacture almost all products. This can also be achieved elsewhere. '   Obama also announced the establishment of three more such manufacturing centers, where companies will cooperate with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to transform regions that are backward in globalization into global high-tech centers.  One thing Obama didn’t mention is the individuals involved in this technology—presumably future entrepreneurs—how they will benefit from it. Jonathan Shaw, a digital operations manager in New Jersey, USA, bought a 3D printer as a hobby. He said that he foresaw the day when he used 3D printing technology to mass produce products or sell such products online.   Xiao said: New materials required for 3D printing have emerged, not just polymer plastics. Soon, when your car breaks down, you no longer have to wait for the parts in stock, you only need to u0026lsquo;printu0026rsquo; the corresponding parts. In addition, 3D printing can also be used in surgery and food-related applications. u0026rdquo; (The above is a metal laser cutting machine edited and organized from the Internet, please explain the source again for reprinting!)
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