Nokia wants to use aluminum alloy shell design, laser cutting machine professional cutting

by:Caodahai     2021-09-22
News on January 4, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Nokia plans to launch a number of Lumia models equipped with Windows Phone operating system this year. According to news from foreign technology media The Verge, Nokia will launch a high-end Lumia mobile phone with an aluminum alloy casing at least this year. The aluminum alloy shell will also be manufactured by laser cutting machine.   If the news is true, it means that Nokia is about to abandon the polycarbonate plastic material used in the current Lumia models in favor of a lighter and thinner aluminum alloy casing. It is reported that the first model to use this new design will be the follow-up version of Nokia Lumia 920, code-named 'Catwalk. This model is widely recognized as a replacement for Nokia Lumia 920, and uses the same Lumia 920 in the internal hardware design. Similar design concept.    It should be pointed out that this return to aluminum alloy body marks Nokia's return to the Symbiam era before Windows Phone. At that time, Nokia launched the first Symbiam 3 mobile phone N8, and it was available in a variety of colors.   It is worth mentioning that the use of aluminum alloy body will enable this old 'Finnish giant to compete with Apple iPhone in size and weight, and this is precisely the Lumia 920 which was previously made of polycarbonate. Hard to do.
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