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News about pillow filling machine

News about pillow filling machine

Pillow filling machine, it is a machine that fills the filling of PP cotton into the pillow cushion, pillow or pillow shell. Generally applicable to home textiles, furniture and clothing industries.

It is mainly used for opening and processing chemical fiber raw materials to fill the pillow cushion and other products, and is weighed and transported to the fan for quantitative delivery and sprayed cotton.

The pillow filling machine generally adopts a cold plate as the casing, the surface is sprayed or painted, and the inside has a stirring device. The bottom is equipped with a small gas storage tank, and the front has a foot switch device. First use PP or other equipment to suck PP cotton, pearl cotton, plastic particles, foam material or other filler into the pillow core machine. The filler will be fully stirred in the cotton filling machine, step on the foot switch, and use the gas. The impulse fills the filler into the desired product shell to complete the filling process.


working principle

First, the chemical fiber raw material is opened; the chemical fiber transferred by the fan is transferred to the cotton box, and then the quantitative amount is adjusted according to your requirements. Finally, the raw material is charged into the pillow core through the fan, and the pillow is placed by the vibration table. The core is evenly beaten to make the product more uniform and full, and it can remain bulky for a long time and should not be deformed.


Features and advantages

1. High work efficiency. An automatic quantitative pillow core machine can handle the workload of ten to fifteen people, and the use of the pillow core machine can greatly reduce the labor cost.

2. Do a good quality product. The products filled with the pillow core machine are full and even, and the appearance is better than the hand-filled hand.

3. The error is small. The absolute value of the filling quantitative error is less than or equal to 25g/only.

4. Realize the computer to set the weight of fiber cotton, the weighing range is 5g-15g, the precision is high, and the weight adjustment of fiber cotton is convenient.

5. With metal alarm and overload protection device, the machine has a long service life.

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