my country's laser cutting equipment industry breaks through technological innovation and is exported to foreign countries

by:Caodahai     2021-09-06
my country's laser cutting machine has always been far ahead in terms of production quantity, and the advantage in quantity is not enough to make our country a real laser cutting machine manufacturing powerhouse. Although there is still a certain gap with foreign brands, relevant companies should seize the opportunity to improve the structural level of my country's laser cutting machine products and services in a timely manner. Many big business operators in my country have also launched their own superior brands, which account for an increasing proportion of export products. my country's laser cutting machines are going to the world with confidence. For many years, my country's laser cutting machine has experienced ups and downs, a long period of glorious time, and a period of rapid development, best-selling products, and good benefits. In recent years, there have also been periods of industry sluggishness and stagnant overall service levels. . Today, with the increasing development of high technology, laser cutting machines are seeking new breakthroughs and are focusing on overseas markets.  In recent years, the export of agricultural products cutting machines in Southeast Asian countries has surged, and the cutting machine industry has an increasing demand for imported cutting machine processing equipment. my country-made cutting machine processing machinery products have many advantages in terms of export, such as low transportation cost, fast delivery, high product cost-effectiveness, convenient training and repair, etc., for ASEAN countries that are rich in tropical fruits and rich in agricultural products, they can better satisfy their cutting machines. Processing market demand, so it is deeply loved and welcomed by Southeast Asian enterprises.   Wuhan High Energy Laser has realized that the number of products is not the most important, product quality and brand establishment are the key to impact overseas markets. Therefore, relevant enterprises have begun to implement the strategy of export diversification, and mainly promote the export of high-tech products, which also makes the high-tech laser cutting machine products increase significantly. Rice processing machinery, baking machinery, grain measuring equipment, etc. all have a large overseas market share. In addition, while consolidating the original traditional markets such as Southeast Asia and the Americas, distributors are actively adjusting the product management structure and changing the relationship between the main customer and the customer. With the purchase and sales model, we strive to open up new markets in Africa and Europe.    Keeping pace with the times and continuous technological innovation     Although my country’s laser cutting machine technology has improved, my country’s laser cutting machine technology is still obviously at a disadvantage compared with developed countries. Low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, backward product shape, rough appearance, low life of basic parts and supporting parts, and poor quality of domestic pneumatic parts and electrical components are the basic characteristics of current laser cutting machines.  The level of equipment is getting more and more attention from cutting machine manufacturers. The development of the cutting machine industry is inseparable from the development of the laser cutting machine equipment industry, which is closely related to it. The continuous innovation of equipment is the main foundation for the rapid development of the cutting machine industry. In the face of the technological revolution and the wave of major transformations and improvements in the international manufacturing industry, domestic laser cutting machines have responded positively.
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