Multifunctional composite laser processing system

by:Caodahai     2021-09-09
The new laser head that combines laser cutting and welding is suitable for fiber-connected 3D laser processing machine tools with integrated laser beam control. The same laser head can be used to complete the two tasks of laser cutting and welding, which can shorten the production and processing man-hours. Improve the flexibility and accuracy of machine tool use.   In the past few years, high-power Shaben lasers and fiber lasers have won huge profits for the three-axis laser processing technology. The advantages of these lasers are: the use of optical fibers to achieve flexible laser beam control, high laser beam quality, high electro-optical laser efficiency, good pulse modulation ability and small size, thereby reducing Investment in equipment. If the performance advantages of laser hybrid processing are reused, that is, when the same laser is used to complete the two tasks of laser cutting and laser welding, the production and processing man-hours can be greatly shortened in 3D laser metal processing, and the flexibility and processing accuracy of laser processing technology can be improved.  Process improvement  When the laser cutting and laser welding technologies are combined together, the laser energy has an important meaning in enlarging the laser processing window of the workpiece under the working conditions of the laser working distance changing. The powerful laser energy in the slender laser beam focusing area can accurately cut very small slits with a small laser spacing, just like using the same laser to perform high-quality welding at a large spacing. There is even no need to switch the focus position of the laser.   A variant of this composite laser is suitable for 3D laser processing machine tools with a laser beam control system connected by optical cables. Its improved structural design also greatly improves the performance of the 3D laser processing system. In addition, it is also equipped with a programmable control active laser module control system, which has a high processing quality in the entire laser processing speed range. The example of laser processing for car B-pillars introduced in this article is a typical application of this new type of 3D composite laser.   The two processes of laser welding and laser cutting on the same machine tool but without changing the laser can bring many benefits to users. The key to this process is a composite laser, a composite laser that can automatically and quickly perform laser shielding gas, flow conversion and focal length, laser head focal length, and laser power and laser feed speed conversion. This so-called automatic laser nozzleu0026rdquo; can output the shielding gas required for laser cutting and laser welding, and it can also effectively use Cross-Jets to protect the optical system.   Therefore, the integrated production process can reduce the load of machine tools, flexible and economical deformation processing methods, reduce the burden of production equipment operation, and the positioning and fixing of parts have played an important role in saving the entire production and processing costs. The invariable TCP tool center point calibration technology, the configuration in the workpiece clamping and the better freedom of process selection ensure higher accuracy and smaller tolerances. When using the compound laser to prepare before welding, the groove processing supported by the sensor can be omitted. (The above is edited by fiber laser cutting machine, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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