May Caodahai Machinery offer warehousing services?
You can ask the detailed information for Qingdao Caodahai Machinery Co.,Ltd. staff by email or phone call, who will give you a perfect solution. A warehouse is a place that is approved by the Treasury Department. These warehouses are used for storing styrofoam shredder machine under bond until duties are paid. It depends on the order required by the buyer, we will try our best to offer the best service for customers.

Caodahai Machinery focuses on the field of fiber opening machine, and develops high-performance cotton carding machine manufacturers. The fiber opening machine series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Before delivery, Caodahai Machinery textile machine must be strictly tested. It is tested for measurement, color, cracks, thickness, integrity, and polish degree. The product will not damage the crimp ratio and smoothness of the fibre. This product is hygienic. Materials that are easy to clean and antibacterial are used for it. They can repel and destroy infectious organisms. It is notable for processing speed and fabrics utilization rate.

Caodahai Machinery will provide unwavering quality laser cutting machine. Inquire online!
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