Market scale and trend analysis of precision laser drilling

by:Caodahai     2021-09-24
1. Application of precision laser cutting in drilling services. Because laser has the characteristics of high energy and high focus, laser drilling processing technology is widely used in many industrial processing processes, making it easier for materials with high hardness and high melting point. Processing. For example, processing micron-level apertures on high-melting-point metal molybdenum plates; processing small holes of tens of microns on hard tungsten carbide; processing deep holes of hundreds of microns on red and sapphire, as well as diamond drawing dies and chemical fiber spraying. First class. Taking advantage of the high concentration of the laser beam in space and time, the spot diameter can be easily reduced to the micron level, thereby obtaining a laser power density of 100~1000W/cm2. Such a high power density can be used for laser drilling in almost any material. Commonly used HDIs include circuit board drilling micro-holes, high power density inverters, high and low temperature ceramics and other non-metallic materials for high-precision drilling. HDI (High Density Interconnection Technology), as a new type of PCB design and production technology, uses a layer-by-layer method and uses blind holes or buried holes (usually laser-forming holes) for electrical connection. It is also called build-up (Build- Up) technology. Products using HDI technology have greatly reduced apertures, disk diameters and circuits, and have better heat dissipation performance, realizing and complying with the needs of consumer electronics for lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller products. As electronic products are widely developing toward short, small, light, and thin trends, the application range of HDI boards that adapt to this trend has become more and more extensive, and their proportion in the total output value of PCBs is also increasing. The PCB industry usually defines HDI boards as the conductive layer thickness is less than 0.025mm, the insulating layer thickness is less than 0.075mm, the line width/line spacing is not more than 0.1mm/0.1mm, the diameter of the through hole is not more than 0.15mm, and the number of I/Os is greater than 300. A kind of circuit board, which is a high-end PCB type. From the perspective of the development trend of the HDI industry, the application of high-performance materials continues to increase, the number of fine lines (line width/spacing is 3mil/3mil), the increase of microvias (5mil and below) and embedded passive circuits, and the lead-free hot air finishing The increase in the level of immersion silver and the increase in 01005 assembly components all reflect that the future HDI lines are getting thinner and denser, the holes are getting smaller and denser, and the environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. It is expected that the development of HDI technology will focus on high-density and green environmental protection (lead-free and halogen-free). With the continuous improvement of the level of HDI technology, traditional mechanical drilling and electroplating methods are becoming more and more difficult to meet the requirements of HDI processing technology. It is required that laser technology, as a more advanced HDI manufacturing service auxiliary technology, will gradually replace mechanical drilling and electroplating and will become the mainstream technology in HDI processing.  2. Drilling market analysis   The biggest feature of HDI is that it has strong renewal effect and weak periodicity. It is currently a fast-growing sub-industry in the PCB industry. IEK expects that the rapid development of the HDI board market will mainly come from the application of mobile phones and IC packaging, and the next wave will come from the application of notebook computers. 55% of the global HDI application market is concentrated in the mobile phone market, and about 28% is applied to carrier boards. The computer field accounts for about 11%, mainly notebook computers. Others include products such as automobiles, medical equipment and DVC, accounting for about 6%.
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