Market prospects of fiber lasers

by:Caodahai     2021-09-12
Recently, competition in the laser market has become increasingly fierce, especially new technologies, new applications, and technological excellence are constantly changing the format of the market. The future laser market will become more crowded. At the same time, following the development of domestic laser companies, it will face the competition of international fiber laser companies in the future. In addition to international companies such as IPG, SPI, GSI, JDSU, ROFIN, Coherent and TRUMPF, domestic companies include Guoke Century, Wuhan High Energy, Wuhan Ruike, Gusu Tucson Laser, JPT, Onner, Chuangxin Laser, Many companies such as Anyang Laser have entered the field of fiber lasers.   In 2012, whether in domestic or overseas exhibitions, fiber lasers have always been the focus of attention. The economic downturn in 2012 affected the development of many industries, including the laser industry, resulting in a significant decline in the performance of many major international laser manufacturers. With the increasing competition, the fiber laser field will become the stage for the strong! High-energy laser specializes in the production and development of laser marking machines and laser cutting machines, and it is also constantly introducing new technologies. Previously, Dr. Cheng Xueping from JPT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. visited High Energy for technical guidance, focusing on the development, application, and advantages and disadvantages of fiber lasers. All of them have made a good analysis, so that the high energy family members are more familiar with fiber lasers, so as to continue to meet the needs of customers for high energy products, serve more customers, and improve their reputation and reputation by improper promotion. As the most active laser light source device, fiber laser is a frontier subject of laser technology. Previous:NULL Next:Application of Quantum Dot Laser
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