Make your own Fiesta medals at San Antonio Public Library branches

by:Caodahai     2020-05-18
Dig the carnival medal maker of DIY technology and assemble it!
And hosted several productions. your-
Own carnival medal workshops in different branches where you can make and save your own carnival pin-ons.
Cutting, etching and 3-from laser-
D. print materials and other arts and crafts supplies to get you medals.
The next carnival medal seminar is Wednesday, March 30, from 6-7 p. m.
Pan Am branch, 1122 W. Pyron Avenue.
If you would like to really show carnival medal magic, please submit it to our craft carnival medal contest.
The deadline for the competition is April 4.
We will post the best newspapers and photos of all the medals online.
Just put it on the courier.
Press Hall, 301 E Avenue, or mailed to: handmade carnival Medalsc/o renéa
San Antonio Guzman express-NewsP. O.
Box 2171San Antonio, TX 78297-
2171 please include your name, age, medal name and phone number or email during the day.
The following are the dates and locations of the DIY carnival medal seminars in other libraries: 6: 30-April 5-7:30 p. m.
Library at CortesApril 6, 6-7 p. m.
Library at Forest HillApril 16, 2-3 p. m.
Library at Thousand Oaks
For more information, please contact Cindy Pope. Pope @ San Antoniogov or 210-207-9150.
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