by:Caodahai     2020-05-04
In this structure I will show you how I made an acrylic stand to hold my Android phone.
\"Universal\" might be an exaggeration, but I did try to design it so it can accommodate a wide variety of phone models.
It works fine on both of my phones (
LG G2X and htc evo)
May work with many others.
If your phone is different, please feel free to adjust as needed.
The equipment you need: 1.
Graphic workstation with Corel Draw * 2.
Laser cutting machine * 3.
The hot strip bending and Angle bending fixture you need * supply: 1.
A piece of clear acrylic resin at least 3 \"x 16\" * can be used in TechShop San Jose * often available in the scrap box in TechShop San Jose, so, I was able to use one of their computers and one of their 60 W Epilog lasers.
Computer workstations are accessible to all TechShop members, but you will need to use the laser cutter SBU (LAS101)
Class first before TechShop uses laser.
I created this file here with Corel Draw.
Feel free to use my file if you are happy with the design, but don\'t be afraid to customize it or make it yourself.
I first drew the finished product I wanted and then drew it out in Corel Draw.
The inclusion mode I created is small (etched)
Arrow in curved position and TechShop logo.
If you want to change that, it\'s time.
It\'s time for etching and laser.
Cut acrylic sheet. 1.
Open the mode file (phone_stand. cdr)in Corel Draw. 2.
Put your acrylic sheet on the bed of the laser cutter. 3.
Focus the laser on the upper surface of acrylic 4.
Set the \"zero\" of the laser \"(origin point)5.
Print to the laser, in the print properties dialog box, set the vector cutting settings for the laser.
Use 30/30 for raster elements (speed/power).
If you are using a 1/8-inch acrylic sheet, set the vector setting to 15/90/5000 (
If you are using 1/4, please use 10/90/5000. 7.
Press the \"GO\" key on the laser and watch it etching and cutting the acrylic sheet.
The settings listed above are good for any of the 60 W Epilog lasers in San Jose TechShop.
You may need to use different settings if you use different lasers.
Now you have a tablet stand.
There are four corners left.
Take your parts out of the laser and follow the established agreement to clean the laser.
Note: laser can cause fire!
It is your responsibility to understand the safety procedures of the laser.
As usual, you have to monitor the progress of the work when operating the cutting laser.
If you observe a fire or other potential unsafe situation, follow the established procedure.
Turn on the hot strip bending, set it to the highest temperature and have it warm up for about ten minutes.
You will start at the farthest end of the TechShop logo with a series of four bends.
Important: you need to remove the protective backing from the acrylic plate before using the hot strip bending device.
Bend #1 place your acrylic plate on the hot strip bend device so that the blue line in the first photo is on the slit.
Wait a minute or two to soften the acrylic and bend 90 degrees as shown in the second picture.
Keep the acrylic sheet in place when it cools.
Bend #2 Place the acrylic resin on the hot strip bending device and start softening at the point marked with green lines in the first photo.
Once the acrylic is softened, bend 90 degrees further in this position.
Bending #3 sets the Angle bending device to 35 degrees.
Place the acrylic resin on the hot strip bending device so that the area indicated by the yellow line is located on the slit.
Once the acrylic has the time to soften it will bend as shown.
Let the acrylic cool completely before continuing.
Bending #4 sets the Angle bending device to 75 degrees.
Place the last bend (
Red Line in the photo)
On the hot bar bending machine
Once it warms up, bend it on the corner Holder as shown in the figure.
When the workpiece is cooled, fix it in the appropriate position (and hardens).
This is all about it.
Your phone booth is finished.
I hope you have found this useful information.
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