Maintenance of optical components of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-30
Maintenance of the optical components of the laser cutting machine: Once the optical components of the laser cutting machine are contaminated or even adhered to the small particles of the cutting product, its cleaning is an extremely important and often overlooked problem. Here are some cleaning points:    (1) Lens Cleaning: Bend the lens cleaning paper into several folds, soak it with a few drops of analytical pure acetone; gently wipe the surface of the lens with soaked lens paper, being careful not to press the lens with your fingers; repeat several times until the surface of the lens is clean and there is no Dirt and residual marks remain on the mirror surface; blow dry with dry air; if necessary, roll lens paper moistened with a few drops of acetone into a rod, and gently scrub the surface of the lens to remove heavy drops of dirt.   It should be noted that acetone easily absorbs moisture and moisture from the air and contaminates the acetone itself, so cover the acetone bottle tightly and never pour the remaining acetone liquid after cleaning back into a new acetone bottle. (2) Cleaning the mirror lens: remove the lens from the frame; put the lens paper on the lens surface with the mirror side up; put a few drops of acetone on the lens paper, and gently pull the lens paper to lift the mirror surface; repeat the above process, Until the mirror surface is clean and there is no dirt or residue left on the mirror surface; then put the lens into the lens holder.   If a molybdenum mirror is used as a mirror, because it cannot be coated, it can be used directly after polishing, so it can be cleaned with water (soap or water containing detergent). But other lenses with coating on the surface cannot be cleaned with water, because many coatings dissolve in water and the lens will be damaged. Those who are familiar with load cells know that the general installation of load cells is relatively stable. However, there are some problems in real applications that the environment in which the sensors are installed is not stable. Some problems such as shaking and vibration may occur. At this time, the stability of the load cell is very important, and in the case of vibration, the linear relationship of the sensor's sensitivity may be partially affected.   It can be said that the installation of the load cell under vibration conditions is more troublesome and difficult to operate, and the output signal error is inevitable. Since the load cell is a device that converts force into voltage or current in real time, the change of external force directly affects the output signal. At this time, the error of the sensor is not only a problem of the performance characteristics of the sensor itself, but also a very important problem is the installation problem. The stability of the load cell used in a vibrating environment is higher than that of ordinary ones. It is necessary to select a sensor that is less affected by the external environment. Of course, it is also necessary to pay attention to that the load cell terminal must have good fixability to prevent Changes in force in a vibrating environment cause problems such as poor contact. In understanding the fixity of the terminal block, the first thing we should pay attention to is the fixity of the entire load cell. Of course, in the vibration outside world, what we are talking about is relatively fixed. Only when the entire sensor is fixed can the stability of the data signal transmission be maintained. Choose different installation methods for different environments. Before purchasing, technicians need to test the stability of the installation platform, and then communicate with the manufacturer. The manufacturer recommends which load cell to choose and how to install the sensor to greatly reduce the error of the sensor. . When choosing a pressure sensor, you need to pay attention to many issues. For example, the range and accuracy of the pressure sensor, the temperature characteristics of the pressure sensor, and the chemical characteristics are all to be considered, and the operating mode of the pressure sensor is also an important issue that needs to be considered. 'For example, when the sensor is used for gas pressure measurement and liquid pressure measurement, the situation is different. The gas is a compressible fluid, and it stores a certain amount of compression energy when it is increased, and releases it with kinetic energy when it is decompressed, applying shock waves to the elastic membrane of the sensor. The pressure sensor is required to have a larger overload capacity. Liquid is an incompressible fluid. When the pressure sensor is installed, tightening the bolt and no compressible space can increase the pressure of the liquid beyond the pressure limit of the elastic membrane, causing the elastic membrane to rupture. As this happens frequently, the pressure sensor is also required to have a larger overpressure capability. When the working environment of the pressure sensor is bad, such as large vibration, impact, and large electromagnetic interference, more stringent requirements are placed on the sensor. Not only the overpressure capability is strong, but also the mechanical seal is reliable, anti-loosening, and the sensor is installed correctly. The leads, pins and external wires of the sensor should be electromagnetically shielded, and the shield should be well grounded. In addition, the compatibility of the pressure sensor with the measured fluid medium should be considered. For example, the elastic membrane structure of the sensor should be separated from the corrosive medium. At this time, a stainless steel corrugated sleeve sensor is used, and silicon oil is used as the pressure transmission medium in the sensor. When the sensor detects the pressure of flammable and explosive media, a small excitation current is used to prevent sparks and sparks when the elastic membrane ruptures, and to increase the pressure resistance of the pressure sensor jacket.   Only by understanding the working methods of pressure sensors can you better choose pressure sensors, especially now that pressure sensors are developing rapidly, so it is very necessary to understand the working methods of pressure sensors.
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