Laser technology can play a huge role in agricultural machinery

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Sheet metal processing is a key technology that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process for sheet metal product forming. It includes not only traditional cutting and blanking, blanking, bending and forming, and other methods and process parameters, but also various cold stamping die structures and process parameters, various equipment working principles and operating methods, and new stamping technologies and new Craft. The sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products generally use 4-6mm steel plates. There are many types of sheet metal parts and they are updated quickly. The traditional sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products usually use the punching method, and the mold loss is large. Usually a large agricultural machinery manufacturer is used The warehouse where the molds are stored is nearly 300 square meters. It can be seen that if the processing of parts still stays in the traditional way, it will seriously restrict the rapid upgrading of products and technological development, and the advantages of laser flexible processing are reflected. Laser processing can use modern CAD/CAM software to realize any form of sheet cutting. The use of laser processing not only has high processing speed, high efficiency and low cost, but also avoids the replacement of molds or guns and shortens the production preparation time period. It is easy to realize continuous processing, the laser beam transposition time is short, and the production efficiency is improved. It can be installed alternately for a variety of workpieces. When a workpiece is processed, the completed parts can be removed and the workpiece to be processed can be installed to realize parallel processing, reducing installation time and increasing laser processing time. Laser cutting has become the technological development direction of modern metal processing due to its high speed, high precision, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection. In laser processing applications, laser cutting accounts for 32% of the market share. Compared with other cutting methods, the biggest difference between laser cutting is that it has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high adaptability. At the same time, it also has the advantages of small cutting edge, small heat-affected zone, good cutting surface quality, no noise during cutting, good sag and straightness of the cutting seam edge, smooth cutting edge, and easy automatic control of the cutting process. When the laser cutting machine cuts the plate, it does not need a mold, and can replace some punching processing methods that require the use of complex and large molds, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost.
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