Laser technology barriers

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Laser technology is one of the four major inventions in the 20th century that are as famous as atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. For more than 50 years, laser technology based on lasers has been rapidly developed in my country, and has been widely used in various fields such as industrial production, communications, information processing, medical and health, military, cultural education, and scientific research. Its economic and social benefits will play an increasingly important role in national economic and social development.   The competition in the laser market is becoming increasingly fierce. New technologies, new applications and continuous improvement of existing technologies are constantly changing the market structure. The fiber laser, which was born in the 1960s and developed after 90 years, has continuously expanded its territory by virtue of its innate advantages, and expanded to optical communications, high-power laser processing, laser medicine, and biotechnology, especially in laser processing. The development potential of optical communications has made the industry amazed. This new darling of the market may replace traditional lasers someday in the future.   The main international fiber laser manufacturers include IPG, SPI, GSI, JDSU, ROFIN and TRUMPF. Among them, IPG is the representative, and its fiber laser occupies a larger market share in the international market. In 2012, in the global economic downturn, most laser companies experienced a decline in performance during the fiscal quarter that just ended, but IPG's performance continued to maintain a strong growth momentum, and TRUMPF also achieved substantial growth. It can be seen that, as an emerging laser technology, fiber lasers are more and more accepted by people, fully demonstrating the competitiveness of fiber lasers. In the future, fiber lasers will still become the mainstream voice in the laser field, and become a must for major laser companies.   For twenty years, IPG has been committed to vertical synthesis. All core accessories are developed, produced and owned by IPG. It is also the only manufacturer that can provide customers with cost-effective fiber and semiconductor lasers.   Currently in the global fiber laser market, IPG occupies an absolute dominant position, far ahead of competitors SPI, Nufern, Coherent, JDSU and other giants. The most important reason is the high technical threshold of fiber lasers. Important accessories such as laser pumps, high-power gain fibers and high-power optical devices require strong Ru0026D capabilities. IPG is the only company that can completely manufacture these three products. Therefore, it can overwhelm all rivals in terms of cost and quality stability. According to industry insiders, IPG may occupy more than 70% of the market. Recently, the '4kW all-fiber laser jointly developed by Huagong Technology and Raycus Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the Hubei provincial-level scientific and technological achievements appraisal, becoming the third company in the world to master this technology. 'It is reported that '4kW all-fiber laser next year It is expected to be mass-produced. In the future, it will completely change China's high-power fiber laser dependence on imports, and the core technology and intellectual property rights are restricted by foreign countries, and the 'Chinese heart' will be embedded in the high-power CNC laser processing system.
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