Laser rapid prototyping has huge advantages in the fields of aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Rapid prototyping technology is a digital additive material molding technology. There is no restriction on the geometry of the product. It can be said, 'As long as you want it, I can make it. Therefore, the optimal structural design can be used when designing parts. There is no need to worry about processing issues. And this is where the biggest advantage of rapid manufacturing technology lies-expanding the design space of designers, especially in the high-end fields of aerospace, weaponry, automobile and other power equipment with complex structures.   Laser manufacturing technology in the aviation field The application is directly reflected in the direct manufacturing of titanium alloy structural parts for aviation and the rapid repair of aero engine parts.    Europe and the United States have regarded rapid manufacturing technology as one of the key supporting technologies to improve the level of core areas such as aerospace, automobiles and weaponry. For example. , The U.S. Department of Energy has heavily funded Sandia and Los Alomos National Laboratories to develop high-performance metal parts rapid manufacturing technology. Under the joint funding of the U.S. Air Force, the Army and the Department of Defense, the technology is used by Boeing, arms giant Lockheed Martin, The defense supplier Northrop Grumman and other aircraft manufacturing companies have obtained practical applications.    In 2001, with the support of the US Department of Defense, the laser rapid prototyping technology was transformed from research to advanced F/A-18E/F, F-22, JSF, etc. Installed application on fighter aircraft. Since 2002, laser manufacturing technology has become one of the new core manufacturing technologies for large-scale titanium alloy structural parts of American aerospace and defense weaponry.    The traditional production of large-scale mechanical parts on aircraft mainly adopts the method of 'forging + machining,' The method has a variety of procedures, complex processes, low material utilization, large machining volume, low numerical control processing efficiency, high manufacturing cost, and long production cycle. The use of laser manufacturing technology to directly manufacture large-scale titanium alloy structural parts shows great advantages.   At the same time, the process can directly manufacture high-performance metal parts, and also manufacture thin-walled, microporous, hollow and other special structural parts, which has a wide range of application prospects in important fields such as aerospace and automobiles. It is worth mentioning that the current laser material processing industry is mainly divided into laser cutting machines, laser cutting, laser marking, laser drilling, laser welding, laser surface heat treatment, laser cladding, laser alloying, etc. according to the output value from large to small. Sub-industry. Among them, laser cutting, drilling, and welding require high precision and control technology for lasers and machine tools. The traditional manufacturing powers led by the United States, Germany, and Japan have mastered cutting-edge technologies. But in the field of laser surface heat treatment, laser alloying and laser cladding, it is our country's strengths, and our country itself accounts for 15% of the global laser material processing market share, in the field of laser cladding, it accounts for half of the country. Laser rapid prototyping is actually an upgraded version of laser cladding. Compared with laser cladding, which is the preparation of high-quality surface coatings, direct prototyping is an overall manufacturing process. The control requirements are more difficult and strict, but in general, It is in the same line as cladding, that is to say, China's scientific research strength is the international leader in this field.   We estimate that the laser rapid prototyping technology is only in the field of titanium alloy manufacturing, and the market scale in my country's aviation and shipbuilding fields is 2 billion yuan. In the future, with the rapid development of my country's aviation, aerospace, and marine fields, and the expansion in other application fields, as well as the new markets brought about by this technology, there is huge room for laser rapid prototyping technology. 3D laser printing industry chain from the initial raw material processing, equipment manufacturing to the final printing applications and services, even if only a small part of consumer products are manufactured by 3D laser printing, this will be a huge market of trillions. As a kind of 3D printing manufacturing, laser rapid prototyping has huge advantages in the fields of aerospace, automobile, and ship manufacturing.
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