Laser processing equipment fills the precision manufacturing industry

by:Caodahai     2021-09-28
Precision manufacturing is a relatively demanding and high-level processing field for mechanical processing. Generally speaking, it is suitable for the processing and manufacturing of some precision parts. A slight error will cause the entire workpiece to be scrapped. Under the conditions that traditional craftsmanship cannot meet, laser processing equipment has all entered the public's field of vision. The most important part of the laser processing equipment is the laser cutting machine. After continuous innovation and transformation, it is capable of cutting, perforating, engraving and other metal processing techniques. Let's talk about the impact of laser processing equipment on precision manufacturing.  1. Application of laser equipment in precision manufacturing    Because machining is currently in a high-speed development trend, many industries have higher and higher requirements for themselves in order to get greater improvement, so higher requirements are put forward for product processing. This is a challenge for processing companies. Only mechanical and technical equipment with higher processing accuracy, faster cutting speed, and smaller processing size can meet the demand. The laser cutting machine is one of the most competitive processing equipment, and precision laser manufacturing and services are the future development direction of the manufacturing industry.  2. The development space of laser equipment in precision manufacturing is large.    The penetration rate of laser precision manufacturing and perfect service system in my country is very low, and there is huge room for development. At present, the understanding of precision laser applications in my country's manufacturing industry is still relatively lacking, the application and promotion of precision laser processing is still insufficient, the industry penetration rate of precision lasers is still very low, and the huge application market remains to be developed.  3. The precision manufacturing industry drives the development of the laser cutting machine industry  The precision laser manufacturing and service industry is an emerging industry and is in the early stages of growth. The precision laser manufacturing and service industries have the characteristics of technology ahead of the market and technology leading the market. With the development of laser cutting technology, more and more laser manufacturing technologies are used in traditional manufacturing. The cutting technology of fiber laser cutting machines is constantly increasing. Replace and break through the traditional manufacturing and processing technology.  In fact, for precision manufacturing, laser processing equipment is complementary, mutually driven, and mutually developed. Only with better development of laser cutting machine, can the precision manufacturing industry be upgraded to a higher level, and the demand for precision manufacturing has increased, and the development space of the laser cutting machine industry will be greater. For more information about laser cutting machine information, please refer to: http://www.gnlaser.com/?fnews
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