Laser prints wings for domestic C919

by:Caodahai     2021-08-31
C919 is the second domestically-made large passenger plane independently designed by China after Yun-10. C is the first letter of China and the first letter of the English abbreviation COMAC of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. It also means that it is determined to enter the international large passenger aircraft market and to cooperate with Airbus and Boeing in the international market. A parallel pattern of ABC is formed in the large passenger aircraft manufacturing industry. The first 9u0026rdquo; means forever, 19u0026rdquo; represents China’s first large passenger aircraft with a maximum capacity of 190 passengers. At the end of June 2011, COMAC's C919 large passenger aircraft was unveiled at the 49th Paris Aerospace Exhibition. It was unveiled at the Zhuhai Aerospace Exhibition on November 13, 2012, and won 15 domestic and foreign users, and the order increased to 380.  The large aircraft project is a project strongly supported by the state. Many advanced technologies are used in the manufacturing process of C919. Laser 3D printing plays an important role in the process of aircraft wings. The country's first 3D printing photo studio opened not long ago, bringing the magical 3D printing technology into the lives of ancient urban residents. Even medical dentures, implanted joints, and even key parts of aerospace and other metal objects with complex structures are magically printed out in Northwestern Polytechnical University.  3D printing is called additive manufacturing technology. The principle is to decompose the three-dimensional model designed by the computer into several plane slices, and then superimpose the printed materials according to the slice graphics layer by layer, and finally pile up into a complete object. The State Key Laboratory of Solidification Technology of Northwestern Polytechnical University is one of the outstanding research and development units of 3D printing technology in my country. It mainly develops the 3D printing technology called laser stereo formingu0026rdquo;. This technology uses lasers to melt metal powder and can print almost any shape of product. Its biggest feature is that the material used is metal, and the printed products have extremely high mechanical properties, which can meet a variety of uses.   With the development of aerospace technology, the structure of parts is becoming more and more complex, the requirements for mechanical properties are getting higher and higher, but the weight is getting lighter and lighter, and it is difficult to manufacture through traditional processes. And 3D printing can meet these needs. 'Said Huang Weidong, director of the State Key Laboratory of Coagulation Technology, Xi'an University of Technology.  In this laboratory, the reporter saw through the glass window of the printeru0026rdquo; that a laser beam was moving under computer control. The metal powder sprayed from the nozzles on both sides of the laser head was melted by the laser, solidified and piled up layer by layer. In a short while, a metal piece with a complicated structure revealed its embryonic form.
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