Laser occupies an important position in fiber laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-28
As the current third-generation laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine is in increasing demand in the market. The different classifications of laser cutting machines depend on the different lasers in the laser cutting machine. So how important is the laser in the fiber laser cutting machine, let's introduce it to you below. As the working medium, the laser of the fiber laser cutting machine has a long working length, which is conducive to diode pumping, and also makes the photon conversion efficiency high, which provides conditions for a compact and robust design. When the fiber optic components are fusion spliced u200bu200btogether, there will be no discrete components that need to be adjusted.  There are some special structure fiber lasers. Fiber lasers can achieve single-channel amplification, which can simultaneously amplify light of different wavelengths and are widely used in the field of communications. Fiber amplification is also used in the MOPA structure to produce higher power laser output. Another example is the optical fiber amplified spontaneous emission source. Another example is the Raman fiber laser. Some new research is using fluoride glass fiber instead of traditional quartz fiber.   However, quartz glass is usually used to make optical fibers. The main doping elements are ytterbium (Yb) and erbium (Er). The center wavelength of Yb is between 1030 and 1080 nm, and a wide-band laser output can be obtained. Yb does not have a self-quenching effect at a very high density like Nd. Even though they can produce lasers of similar wavelengths, Nd is used in traditional lasers but Yb is used in fiber lasers. The success of the Ru0026D team in developing fiber laser technology will continue to ensure the EU’s world-leading level and competitiveness in laser technology and laser manufacturing. At present, the main goal of the Ru0026D team has turned to the commercial application of fiber laser technology, including: the development of long-range cutting and welding processes using a new generation of fiber laser technology; the development of some cancer treatment technologies; the application of solar cell module manufacturing technology Development and so on. Advanced fiber laser technology, which generates laser pulses on the order of femtoseconds, has been known for its complex, expensive and unstable characteristics since its birth. The EU’s Seventh Ru0026D Cabinet Program supports 10 million euros, with a total Ru0026D investment of 16 million euros, and is coordinated by German scientific and technical personnel. There are 21 EU member states and associated countries Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The European LIFT Ru0026D team with the participation of institutional scientific and technological personnel has successfully developed a new, stable and reasonably priced high-power femtosecond fiber laser source, laying the foundation for the popularization and application of fiber laser technology. The Ru0026D team can develop fiber-based short-pulse laser generators and ultra-short-pulse laser generators called cold processing in a relatively short period of time, thanks to the composition and coordination of the scientific and technological personnel of the Ru0026D team. The scientific and technical personnel of the Ru0026D team come from a wide range of disciplines, covering scientific research, experimental and engineering researchers and engineers from laser technology research institutions, laser source suppliers and optical instrument component manufacturers.
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