Laser equipment used in champion dragon clothing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
Laser cutting and laser punching technology were used in the 2012 London Olympics Chinese delegation's award-winning suit u0026mdash;u0026mdash; the champion dragon suit.  The Chinese delegation's award-winning suit for the London Olympics u0026mdash;u0026mdash;Champion Dragon Suitu0026rdquo; was unveiled this morning. A few weeks ago, the reporter went to Anta’s first factory in Xiamen to visit the entire production process of the champion dragon suit' and witnessed the production process of a high-tech award-winning suit in the history of the Olympic Games Chinese delegation. . In addition to its special meaning, the champion dragon suit also has complicated craftsmanship that makes this suit look more like a high-tech product. Laser cutting, laser drilling, seamless splicingu0026hellip;u0026hellip;The production process of champion dragon clothing includes almost all the cutting-edge technology in the field of sportswear manufacturing.   Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the use of laser equipment in the production process of some top clothing brands. Louis Vuitton's laser-cut hollow top series are filled with a sense of cuteness. Aiming at different fabrics, various punching patterns designed by laser punching have aroused endless reverie. In the era of undercurrent sex, perforation, mesh and other elements are still at the forefront of the trend.
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