Laser cutting machines need safe operation

by:Caodahai     2021-08-28
Safety is the most important part of the production work, so when operating the laser cutting machine, the operator must regulate his operation, so how can we truly achieve safe operation? Wuhan High Energy Laser will come and share with you.   First, do a safety check before operation. There is a red mushroom-shaped button on the operation panel of the laser cutting machine, which is an emergency stop button. When this button is pressed, the machine tool will be in an emergency stop state, each axis immediately stops moving, and the laser high voltage is also turned off at the same time. If you encounter a special emergency situation during the operation of the machine tool and need to stop the machine tool immediately, please press this button. Secondly, the front of the laser cutting machine is equipped with a closed safety door. The inside of the machine tool is the space for each movement axis. The safety door is closed when the machine tool is running normally. The operator is strictly prohibited from entering the safety door for inspection and maintenance work. Please turn off the machine power or enable the machine tool. Enter the emergency stop state, and then the operator can enter the safety door. There is a grating barrier protection switch on the third workbench. The grating barrier does not work when the machine is processing a workpiece. When the workbench is exchanged, the grating barrier will only take effect when the sub-bed needs to move. At this time, if someone enters the protection range, the workbench will stop. Work, the machine tool generates an alarm.  Before processing the fourth part, you must first check whether the machine tool is working properly. Before processing, it is necessary to pass a test run to ensure that the machine tool is working correctly. The state of laser cutting is related to the surrounding environment and many other factors. It is necessary to test samples before batch processing to ensure that they are correct.  Fifth, please check the input data carefully before operating the machine tool. If incorrect data is used, the machine tool may malfunction, which may cause damage to the workpiece, damage to the machine tool itself, or even injury to the operator.   Sixth, ensure that the specified feed rate is compatible with the required machine tool operation. The mechanical part of each machine tool has a relatively large speed that can withstand. If the speed is too fast, the life of the mechanical transmission part (chains, gears, bearings, guide rails, etc.) will be reduced, and mechanical fatigue failure is prone to occur. The quality of laser cutting is also at the same time It has a close relationship with speed. Before performing processing, be sure to confirm whether the speed and magnification value specified by the program are correct. Seventh CNC and PMC parameters are set by the machine tool manufacturer, and usually do not need to be modified. When you need to modify, please make sure to make changes. The parameters have an in-depth understanding. Setting incorrect parameters will cause the machine tool to malfunction and damage the workpiece, the machine itself or the operator.    Eighth, after the machine is powered on, before the position display or alarm screen appears on the CNC device, please do not touch any key on the MDI panel. Some keys on the MDI panel are dedicated to maintenance and special operations. Pressing any of these keys may cause the CNC device to be in an abnormal state. Starting the machine tool in this state may cause the machine tool to malfunction.   The ninth operation manual and maintenance manual provided with the CNC system have a complete description of the functions of the CNC system. If you have any questions, please refer to the relevant information.   Tenth, when something abnormal occurs during the operation of the machine, it should stop running immediately.   The above points are some of the issues that must be paid attention to how to safely operate the laser cutting machine. It is not only a guarantee for the smooth progress of the production work, but also a guarantee for the operator's own safety, so I hope everyone will pay attention.
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